really need to bottle some beer…

I’m a bit slack. Slack yet I put effort into avoiding doing the thing that needs doing. Right now I’m having a beer and watching Star Wars cartoons. I should be getting ready for tomorrow, cooking myself some dinner or bottling some beer.

I have a porter and a barley wine that really need bottling. Bloody bottling, such a tedious, yet needed job. finishing beer is important, but putting it into a keg kicks the hell out of filling bottles. I have a couple of beers sitting in kegs conditioning right now, some stout on oak, some porter on coco nibs, and a mead that has been in glass for at least 18 months. Patience with these beers will do no harm to them. Beer in plastic however is a different thing. The barley wine will probably benefit from a little oxidation, speed its ageing process up a little. The porter should be ok, it’s just ready to go. I als have some stout on oak in a demijohn, its only 5 litres but its been there for nearly 2 months. So slack.

As for my slackness and procrastination I think I’ll comment a little more on my Hop Rocket. If you have ever purchased or used a product from Blichmann you will know that they make good stuff. I have their beer gun, and the Hop Rocket is no acception.  It’s a hop back, basically another way to get hop flavor, and more importantly hop aroma into my beers. There is some talk that you can get away with using less hops and therefore save money when using a hop back on your beers. I doubt I’ll be doing that. I figure that bigger is better with hops, none of this balance shit for my beers , hops, hops and more hops. I’ve got a bit of plumbing to do to get the sucker hooked up, and it’ll mean bringing out the pump again, no more gravity brewing to me. That’ll mean a bit less peaceful ness in the brew but more hops! Its bigger than I thought it would be, nice to have that when you get something delivered without ever having seen it.

Ah well better get back to dinner and getting in the zone for tomorrow. Big day, important stuff, everybody whish me luck if you can.

Cheers D

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