International IPA Day

It’s international IPA day. Thats a good thing, I like both days and IPA’s so its kind of my sort of day. Unfortunately it was full of budget papers at work (that hold little joy or make little sense) and a bunch of people feeding me things other than the truth. Apparently that’s what work is all about. Good to know that your part of something special that makes a difference and your bosses are awesome credible people. Anyway that’s off track, today is about IPA’s and not the people I work for.

IPA day is a good thing and very deserved of its own day. Perhaps a week, really is a day enough? (I don’t think so) anyway I intended to drink at least one IPA today, its IPA day and all. I had one on Monday at the James Squire Brewhouse on Russell St and they gave me a free bottle of their 2 centurions IPA (imperial or double, I can’t remember sitting here on the couch? still havent drank it yet). That was a nice beer, the Speculator I think. Have had it before and will have it again.

Anyway what IPA am I having? not to that yet. I had a beer or two at Biero with my mate Jas. There were no IPA’s on tap and we talked a lot about Jason’s upcoming wedding, and very strangely his new underwear that makes his package look huge (please note his words not mine, apparently supported by his fiance) anyway we didn’t have an IPA. It’s a real shame that Biero didn’t have an IPA on tap for IPA day, there was a Mickeler beer of 1000IBU set to be on tap next, I like the idea of that beer but am yet to taste it. mmmmm hoppy.

So what IPA did I drink for IPA day??? well as Jas left Biero I bumped into a mate with a beard, Sam. Sam is now a distiller. Anyway that was enough of an excuse to get another beer. I looked for an IPA in the bottle section. I was struggling with the options. Then they suggested a beer that I don’t think is an IPA, a NZ collaboration beer called “Mash up”. I like the idea of this beer more than the beer, but it was half price for IPA day, and I’m pretty sure not an IPA. Not for me to argue with half price beer though.

Now to the beer I’m drinking right now. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. I like this beer and can find nothing bad to say about it. It’s an American IPA with a focus on the Citra hop. Its clean, its easy drinking, it’s a fairly hoppy beer, but not one that hangs around in your mouth with way too much resiny bitterness. It’s an easy drinking IPA. And that’s where I think it may go astray. It’s too acessable for an IPA. It’s really easy to drink and you can get it at Dan Murphy’s now. I don’t disagree with good beer being available to all, but if it’s on the shelf at Dans there is a tendency for it to be a bit white bread. Now I’m not (again) saying this is a bad beer, it’s just an IPA that is pretty easy to get to know but not one that will part your hair.

This leaves me thinking have I done justice to IPA day? I’ll say yes, just, as I had a shit of a day and I had an IPA so that’ll do. Enough for now. Boo to the world for not having more IPA’s.

Cheers D


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