New blog, same shit

Hello people and welcome to my new blog that is exactly the same as the old one, except that now its on WordPress rather than blogger. It seems as though I’ve jumped ship on a team or swapped girlfriends. It all feels the different but its kind of the same. Same me, same computer, different menus and options. My main reason for doing this is blogger was shitting me completley, with all the slow uploads and people needing to have a gmail account to leave a comment or follow. More than one person has bitched at me about that. I’ve also had some issues with following other blogs. Thats just me bitching though, and you really don’t care about that.

Back to what this about, beer. Tonight I received some free beer. Thats always a good thing. Sitting in the office this arvo I took a glance at Facebook whilst on a dull call about wool. A couple of clicks later I was entered to win a bottle of an IPA from the James Squire Brew House on Russel St in Melb, at the Portland Hotel. Lucky for me I checked FB before heading home, and seeing that I was a winner I headed down and grabbed my beer. Since I was there I grabbed a pint, a Speculator, an IPA, nice beer. Hoppy but dry and drinkable. Good stuff. Anyway I wont drink the IPA tonight as it’s probably a little shook up from the trip home and I have to be up at 5.30 tomorrow morning to go to Hamilton. Yea Sheepvention.

OK now to some brewing stuff. I kegged up some porter that I brewed a week or so ago. I think I posted the recipe? not certain, this new blog doesnt quite work for me yet. Anyway due to the batch size I fermented it in two fermentors, both with heating on a thermostat. Now for the lesson on brewing – fermentation tempreature matters.

I am running two heat sources on one controller and I fucked up the connections. This meant that I had one heat belt running flat-out for a day or two. Now the fermentation took off like a champ, but rather than being at my desired 18 degC it was probably high 20’s?. The result is two different beers, same yeast, same wort, different beers.

Both seem good in the unfinished state (straight off the fermenter) The cool ferment beer has a dusty chocolaty finish to it. It has body but a cleanness that just tastes right. The hot ferment has some commonalities, it is the same beer after all. However it has none of the dusty chocolate, its more fruity, more or a belgium type finnish. Its ok, and is now in a keg sitting on some coco nibs, and I’m sure it’ll be an ok beer but it’ll never be the beer it could have been. All thanks to a plug going into the wrong socket.

So there is the learning for today children. Hot ferment = bad for many beers, it could be put better but that’ll do for now. Going to finnish my beer, a Brew Dog 5 AM Saint, excellent beer and look at going to bed. Early start tomorrow.

Cheers D


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