Correction – Prickly Moses not Otway!

Correction – Prickly Moses not Otway! last night I wrote of having a beer with the guys from Otway Brewing. However it has now been brought to my attention that they have undergone some rebadging and are now called Prickly Moses. Thanks for the correction Hendo. This makes it all so clear that I am not a journalist and have no eye for detail. Bugger that I say, I’m here for the beer, no time for all that checking up stuff.

I think the brewery did used to be called Otway Brewing, and the beers Prickly Moses. Anyway now that has all changed and their new website is much nicer than the old one. Check it out here

Everything else my previous post said still stands, it was a good night with some good beers.

Cheers D

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