Otway and the punters

Tonight was Otways Brewers “Meet the Brewers Night” at Young and Jacksons in Melbourne. Young and Jackson’s is a bar in Melbourne, just over the road from the clocks of Flinders st Station that for me best says a beer with Dad after the footy. Its a Melbourne landmark that is home to Chloe. It also has a good beer or two on tap for the bar that is best known for where you have a beer with your old man after the footy.

Tonight Otway Brewers owned the upstairs bar, the same one that houses the famed Chloe, a rather ordinary painting of a nude chick. She is not at all hot, yet people seem to think she is worth having a beer with. I don’t, go figure? I do however think that Hendo, brewer from Otway and fellow beer school student is well worth having a beer with. I like the way his beer brain works, and his beers and right now they come from Otway. Again Hendo is worth having a beer with even if his girlfriend does profess her love for Carlton Draught. Sad for a beer geek to have girlfriend like that. Still she seems to be someone that can be leaned in the art of beer. Leave no one behind! I think that’s a policy of the government or the marines.

We tried a bunch of Otway beers, I wont say they all made me think of happy thoughts but there were some standouts. I particularly enjoyed trying a vertical tasting of the Otway Saisons. Not saying I loved all of the beers again but the exercise of trying all the beers, four of them from 2008-2011 was a great experience for the pallet. I do need to say that the chocolate beer just wasn’t a great thing for me. It was a nice beer but it didn’t hit me in the face with chocolate. I’ve said it before that if a beer has a strong statement about its flavor then it needs to follow through. This wasn’t a bad beer but not something that Willy Wonka would lend his name to.

Anyway I’m not going to talk anymore about the beers, James from Beer Bar Band was there and he was taking notes. I’d be both stupid and over achieving to think I should bother reviewing the beers after he has been writing about them. The review may come up somewhere other than his blog, but it will appear somewhere. So James, complete my blog, god its good being lazy!

Anyway the night was good and I enjoyed myself with a beer or two. Cant really ask for much more than that.

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Otway and the punters

  1. Leon says:

    I think you'll find any naked woman is worth having a beer with

  2. Darren says:

    Leon, perhaps in the flesh, yes, but a dated painting? I am unconvinced

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