Viven Imperial IPA

So I’m watching Supernatural. it seems that Sam and Dean area fighting demon cowboys or something related to time travel. Cowboys are getting toasted up by some bad guy demon, perhaps a Phoenix. Really not sure, but that is the beauty of Supernatural. Not making a whole lot of sense, but that’s what I like about Supernatural, it doesn’t need to make sense to be enjoyable.

The beer I’m drinking does happen to make sense though. Not certain about the name of the brewery though. Its Viven. The dyslexic in me has misread this a number of times as Vivian, the name that has a girly sound to it but as the great West Indian cricketer, a man no one could call girly shared the name I guess I must be wrong. The only other Viv I know is a bloke I went to primary school with. Last I heard he was driving trucks in the NSW Riverina. Again not very girly. Fitting then that the beer is an Imperial IPA, especially since we have established that the name Vivian, or its near cousin Viven is not girly at all. What a relief.

Now to the beer. I know bugger all about the beer or the brewery other than its an 8% ABV US style Imperial IPA and according to the bottle it has something to do with “the art of Flemish brewing”. This is a Belgian beer, but not as we know it. Their website can be found here, Viven Website . It seems they started off with a view to being a monastic brewer, may have had a building or two blessed, made a beer with a traditional twang then mooved on to the newer style of beers, hence the Imperial US IPA. Thats about all I know.

Its a full beer, plenty of crystal, and a fair whack of high alpha American hops. I think there is a better than even chance there is some Simcoe in there, that evil skunky hop that I love so much. Its more of a bitter beer than a big aromatic beer. Clean though, without a lingering after taste. This is a pretty good beer but does at no stage set the world on fire. There is something awesome about an IPA that gets it right, when it has a nice clean malt profile, and an overbalance of hops. Thats right I want to many hops, but at the flavor end rather than the bitterness end. Ah Hop Zombie, you have ruined me for other IPA’s.

Its not what I’d pick for an everyday drinker, but still a beer worth having a crack at. 

Oh and Dean just killed some kind of cowboy demon who promptly caught fire when he was shot. I am glad my Viven Imperial IPA did not do the same when I opened it, effectively ending its life. Its good that beers aren’t demons. Life would be very complicated if they were.

Got to go now, Supernatural is over but there is a world of bad TV, and IPA’s out there.

Cheers D


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