No brewing this weekend

And boo to that. I really need to brew more however work and a social life seem to get in the way. I mean I like catching up with friends and family, and this whole work thing does pay the bills (just) but I am at my happiest, or most Zen when I am brewing. Really must do more.

I think the 180km’s between my kitchen and my brew house (well my Dad calls it his wool shed) may be having something to do with the lack of brewing. Perhaps I should quit my job or cease my social life. I do like brewing but apparently being able to pay your bills and talking to people is a required social norm.

Anyway I need to go and get some lunch so I’ll keep this short, I am going to map out my upcoming brews;

  1. Porter – some to be aged on coco nibs
  2. Golden strong – some to be purpleafied with beetroot. Yes its a stupid idea.
  3. IPA – at least a few of them and I have a hop back on order. Hello aroma town!, population my beer
  4. Big Amber Ale – cos I like them
  5. Saison and or Witt Beer. Perhaps black versions of both
  6. Sour beers – all bret and mixed culture, the bugs are sitting in my fridge

There we go, just need to create the brew window (or windows) to get all that done. I have recipes for most of these brews in my head but am open to any suggestions.

Cheers for now, need to figure out what to have for lunch??

Cheers D

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