Obsessions and Saison Sauvin

I think I am prone to getting really hooked things. There are a number of things that for me the answer is always yes. This presents in many different ways, for music for example its the man crush I have on Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers. Sign me up for more or less anything involving either of them. If they are both in try and keep me away. For food when travelling it involves getting in a cue of locals for what ever they are getting. This has gotten me dodgy street pizza in Cuba, and a whole bunch of random but awesome food in Japan. Ah the Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

I am developing a new crush on a brewery 8 Wired Brewing Co. from NZ. So far I don’t have a bad word to say about any of the beers I have tried from these guys (I think I’ve blogged about them?). That leads me to the beer sitting right in front of me now. Saison Sauvin, surprisingly enough this is a saison hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Now I love saisons but until recently I’ve been unconvinced by the merits of Nelson Sauvin, mainly from my own brewing and I don’t think I’d found the right home for it until I dry hopped a beer with it. I’ll be doing more of that in the future.

Ah but back to the beer, its everything I don’t really think a saison should be . But I like it. It has hte French saison yeast, rather than the Belgian one I love. It is 7% ABV, way bigger than I like a saison to be, and has a fair amount of character malt in it, adding a nice amber hue and a malt sweetness. I kind of like the lighter bodied ones. What I am describing as my kind of saison is Saison DuPont. I know its far to easy to pick the gold class standard for a saison as my favorite but its simply an awesome beer. Simple yet complex and vastly different to the Saison Sauvin.

So why do I like it? The tropical fruit hop aroma mixes with the skunky yeast character and just works. It may even have a wine character to the nose? Flavour wise there is a sweetness to the beer, but a nice bitter after taste that lets you know that you are having a saison.

This is a good beer, perhaps confirming my crush on 8 Wired Brewing Co. Look out Soren Eriksen (8 Wired Brewer), keep making beers like this and I may end up with a man crush on you! God help me if you put out a beer/album with Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers in an obscure Japanese town.

Cheers D

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