Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum

Its not often that you buy goods or services from a shop and they tell you you probably wont like it. When I purchased a bottle of Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum Lager that is exactly what I got, they buyer beware warning. It wasn’t a straight up “don’t buy this beer, its rubbish”, he did say “I don’t like it” with the add on that he loves some of their other beers, like the Mad Brewers Stout Noir (a beer I haven’t had yet but was actually looking buy tonight, the local Vintage Cellars was shut though). The other comment i recall from the beer shop dude was that it’s kind of like two beers in one. Well it is sweet and kinda smokey. I guess that could be two beers?

So what do they say about it?

What’s so wacky about introducing a lager in summer you say? Well, you’ve never tasted a lager quite like this one! Not content with an “oh so smooth, crisp and boring” lager like the multitude of others in the market, our brewers set off in a brain thumping pursuit of the quintessential Australian summer characters, and then combined them to create our latest Mad Brewers offering, Scribbly Gum Lager – a beer with a name to match its uniquely Australian flavours!. With scents such as the bush & the classic Aussie BBQ feast wafting through as you sample, this is a BIG, FLAVOURSOME and UNFILTERED lager, with an intriguing smoky character backed up with hints of the Aussie native bush flora – truly a lager you will never forget!

Brewed with equal portions of pale barley malt, pale wheat malt and German Rauchmalz (smoked malt), Australian Pepperleaf and local hops were then added to the brew kettle to craft an intriguing finish. Scribbly Gum is the name given to a variety of different Australian eucalyptus trees which exhibit a unique pattern upon their trunk, making it look as though someone has drawn or scribbled on the bark. (A bit similar to our Mad Brewers labels actually, but we can assure you that no Scribbly Gums were harmed in the brewing of this beer).

I’m not really sure that I agree with all that, it is marketing stuff though I guess. So its smokey and sweet. I’m a massive fan of all things smokey (except cigarettes) so for me this beer isn’t very smokey. I do get a bit of a phphenolic flavor, probably associated with the smoke but the beer has more of an overwhelming under attenuated Belgian character to me. Kind of like a triple or a golden strong that has a bit too much sugar in it. I don’t really get any of the lager characteristics I thought it might have.

Its not a bad beer, I’m pretty sure its not two beers in one but I don’t think its one I’d rush for again. What I like about this beer is that it feels like it was knocked out by a home brewer, has the heart of one or something like that. I like that, not enough to buy this beer again but enough to try the Mad Brewers beers if I see them, except of course if I see that horrible apple beer sour concoction – orchid something? boo to that beer!
Oh and I got a 2nd place in the Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza in the Strong Stout section with my US Stout. Fairly happy with that if I do say myself. Comps are a raffle but it still feels good to have a win.
Cheers D
PS – Stu if you are going to take a photo of yourself on my camera either delete it or focus it


2 thoughts on “Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum

  1. Tipples says:

    Congrats on the win. I can confirm that the Stout Noir is very nice. Bought the lager on the basis of this, but haven't had it yet. I'm not a huge lager fan, and on the back of this review I'm not sure this is going to convince me otherwise.

  2. Darren says:

    Cheers Tipples, Looking forward to try the Stout Noir and yea leave the Scribbly Gum on the shelf, interesting but there are better beers around

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