Red Hill Imperial Stout, an old beer

Right now I am multi tasking. Watching Food Inc and drinking Red Hill Imperial Stout. It is important to know that these two things are not related, more of a needed to get around to it type thing. Also in direct conflict to what I’m guessing I should be doing I’ll also be having a butcher cut up a lamb from my parents farm for me tomorrow, bagging it myself then putting it in the freezer. A friend who works for Meat and Livestock Australia watched this movie and couldn’t eat a burger for weeks. I doubt it’ll do that to me but we’ll see.

OK so the lamb will sort its self out. It will be awesome and Don the butcher will wield his knife with a magnificent amount of skill giving me meat that I know exactly where it came from. The same place I grew up. Sucked in to you all, this lamb is awesome and you probably cant get it (unless you come round to my place for dinner).

Nuf said bout that. Now to the stout. Red Hill Imperial Stout is a personal favorite, a light bulb beer for me. One of my first all grain home brew beers was a Russian Imperial stout (RIS). I made my first batch of American Pale Ale to grow yeast to make that RIS. I love making American Pale Ales, but RIS is closer to my brewing heart. They are big beers, hard to make, slow to mature. After a Samuel Smith the Red Hill was the first fresh RIS I had tasted. Its smooth, has an excellent chocolaty roasty nose and is velvety on the tongue. The smell is almost like something that has been baked, a malty desert. This is not the best RIS that I have ever had, however it ages beautifully and I think is to often drank way earlier than it should be. Let the sucker grow up and mature!
Right now I am drinking an 09 Red Hill RIS. It deserves a way better setting than a Friday night after a few beers at Biero and an animal activist movie. Hmm why am I mistreating this beer so? This beer is great, just a shame it cant all be sat on for 2-3 years pre release to let it get to awesome town pre release. Then you could all be as happy as I am now. I recommend going out and getting a stash of this beer and sitting on it for at least a year, and as they just released a batch now is the time! act you sad fools!
I’m back to watching the activists and drinking RIS. You go buy some Red Hill Imperial Stout. Yet to have a better Australian RIS. Oh and thats my Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza entries.

Cheers D


3 thoughts on “Red Hill Imperial Stout, an old beer

  1. Cheers! Thanks for the post & for loving the beer.

  2. Darren says:

    no, thankyou for the beer

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