Congrats to the Brewing Network – US Homebrew Club of the year

 The Brewing NetworkImage via Wikipedia
Just found out that the Brewing Network took out the club of the year title at the US National home brew Conference. Well done to the BN Army. Basically this means that BN member entries in the US National home brew comp had the highest total score. Again well done fellas, had I been in the states I would have put my entries under the BN.

Apparently there is a bit of controversy over this as they don’t have a club house, or meet in one town etc. Its a load of crap, with all this social media stuff and Skype you don’t need to all be in the same town to meet. Nobody likes a sore looser, they won it on the score board, and I think that should be applauded.

Some thoughts on this are covered here at Word Salad. I think JP has said it well so I don’t need to repeat his words.

Again well done BN Army.

Cheers D


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