Ye Olde Australian Ale???

I’ve just read an excellent post by Martin at “Zythophile” titled “the Mysterious Australian Ale” all about the Australian bound version of the IPA that the pommy brewers sent to Australia way back when. Martyn writes some excellent stuff covering the history of all this brewing caper. I liked history at school (and wasn’t too bad at it) but I think I would have gotten higher marks if it was about beer and Martyn was the teacher.

Anyway as my winter brewing time table isn’t set and I love brewing IPA’s I think I need to do an old school Australian Ale, add some history and local relevance to my brewing. Perhaps this will be the next “Black IPA”? or “insert fad beer here”

So right now I am starting with bugger all information. Apart from it being around 1.100 OG and not as hoppy as an IPA (old style English) my guess is mostly pale malt (Marris Otter), but perhaps some black malt and some crystal, and keep it simple on the hops, mostly EKG in the boil but also some dry hops in the cask (keg) either for aging or at serving, about 60 IBU’s? The yeast is pretty straight forward, something English like a Notingham or a London ale type. Given the shipping time and the beer travelling in casks there was probably a fair whack of oxidisation, and maybe even a faint taste of salt from the odd leaky cask. Perhaps even a hint of sourness or brett.

So now I’m throwing out the question; any more info on a recipe Martyn or anybody else ??? (I’ve posted a call for help on Zythophile and will repost any ideas here if I get them)

Cheers D


6 thoughts on “Ye Olde Australian Ale???

  1. Excellent idea. I love the idea of a taste from the past. That's also why I'm about to bottle some sour ale with some spices, as it's the way sour beer would have been disguised way back when.I look forward to finding out how the experiment goes. Cheers!

  2. Darren says:

    ah sour ales, love em (hope its a deliberate one), havent had a crack at spiced ones and I hope the aim isnt to cover the sour but good luck anyway. Will be sure to post how this thing goes, still doing the homework though

  3. Rick says:

    This is not helping my alcoholism.

  4. Darren says:

    @ Rick if the food you have posted on your blog is any indication of your diet alcoholism is the least of your worries. Diabeties will get you first.Perhaps you should take up brewing?

  5. Uh, na, unfortunately some air got into my homebrew barrel, so I drank as much as I could, and I'm using some olde worlde spices to disguise the sour/off/oxidised taste, like dodgy landlords would've years ago, sort of 15th century job. I'm a (bad) method writer!

  6. Darren says:

    air in the barrel? what sort of barrel are you using, wooden? Chuck in some star anise, big flavour to cover a lot of sins, or it might be drain pour time 🙂 never an easy call to make but you shouldnt suffer through bad beer (even if it is your own)

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