A Raconteur?

I had a beer called “Raconteur” last night, actually I was at the launch of a beer called “Raconteur”. Raconteur that’s a pretty good word, one that you don’t use all that often, I think Jack White was in a band by the same name but what does it mean ?

[rak-uhn-tur; Fr. ra-kawn-tœr] a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly. Origin: 1820–30; < French, equivalent to racont ( er ) to tell ( Old French r ( e ) – re- + aconter to tell, account) + -eur -eur

So a beer called Raconteur IPA, does that mean it tells an interesting story? The by line for this beer is “a love story about hops”. hhhmmmm I’m beginning to wonder if the brewer is the Raconteur and not the beer?

Anyway Raconteur IPA from Prickly Moses Brewing (Otway) is a beer that is all about hops, but not what I’d call an unbalanced beer. I had a second pint and if I wasn’t due at dinner across town would have happily had several more. I think its a classic American style IPA bursting with citrus hops and a steady malt backbone. Its not one of those horrible chewy crystal bombs that I find indigestible. This is a beer that doesn’t leave you satiated yet fills the hop craving. And its only the first batch so it can only get better from here, no doubt Hendo will tweak the hops. I think there is a touch too much Chinook in the bittering end of it but that’s just me searching for something to say other than I loved it.

A word of warning would be that this is not a huge IPA, you could be mistaken for thinking its a good solid pale ale. Still nice to see a great beer from Otway, and a great US IPA from an Aussie Brewery. Well overdue.

The Crafty Pint gives it a good overview here so I don’t need to write a bucket more.

On a lighter note I met a fellow blogger, James from Beer Bar Band, we’ve exchanged comments via blog a time or two before, been at the same venues but never actually had a beer and a yarn. Good fella, although I thought he would have been taller.

That’s enough for now, need to crack on and head to the coast for the long weekend. Now go get yourself some Raconteur IPA, I’m not certain where you can get it, at Beer Delux on tap for a limited time and I think Slow Beer has it too. If in doubt try the guys at Prickly Moses, its their beer they should know.

Cheers D


6 thoughts on “A Raconteur?

  1. jayelde says:

    hahaha…yes, I am a short-ass guy. Haven't you noticed all my short-guy frustrations? Thankfully my other half is shorter…so it all works out where it's important.Anyways…great to meet you too. We should do it again sometime…when my head is a bit more normal and not so fuzzed out by post-holiday blues and work day bitchness.I picked up some bottles of the Raconteur, as well as the Black Panther, from Slowbeer tonight to see how they perform against the draught versions.Oh…and great post! More!

  2. Thanks for linking to our blog in your blog roll! You have a great blog here, we love beers so we'll be back checking this out. Raconteur IPA sounds great – thanks for writing about it. Next time we see it on a menu we'll pick it up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whats the point of an IPA that is big on the hops. Sure its all about the hops but they are meant to be big. Its a bit like saying its a subtle durif. Thats just a bloody shiraz. Doesn't make it a bad wine but doesn't make it a durif either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oops that was meant to read "whats the point of an IPA that ISN'T big on the hops"….clearly the shiraz I'm drinking has plenty of ouchyhole in it.

  5. Darren says:

    @ James – drink tall!, and yea another beer with more time to nerd out on beer.@ Bryan….yep cheers, get it into ya.@ Stu, sorry anonymous, dont drink type, oh well ok then do it.

  6. Darren says:

    oh and no. 2 to Bryan YiRan and the cat, no thank you for the recipes. Awesoem stuff, nice pic's to. Havent had a crack at them but the mexican stuff looks great

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