Trade secrets: wheres the brewer???

Reading The Age Epicure section over lunch today I noted that a huge (and I think obvious) omission was made from the story titled “Trade secrets: The butcher, the baker, the food and drink makers“. The article begins with “Loving the idea but lacking the skills? Five of the Epicure team set out to do something about it by returning to the classroom, of sorts”.

Its a good article and covers butchery, baking, cheese making, jams and cocktails but where is the brewing??? I don’t doubt that all of the classes are first rate, and I am drawn to the idea of having a crack at refreshing the very rough butchery skills my Dad taught me many years ago but I’m guessing all of these classes come at a cost. You can learn how to brew for free at Grain and Grape in Yarraville about every other weekend.

So here’s what the article should have continued with;

Hidden away in the shadow Westgate bridge in a more or less unremarkable warehouse malt, hops and yeast are brought together to form beer. However this isn’t a commercial brewery, its the Grain and Grape Home brew Shop all grain brewing demonstration. All the info needed to do this is available in books and online but seeing the process in action is often the best way to get your head around all grain brewing.

The session isn’t very hands on, and its more of an ongoing Q&A rather than a lesson, with the added bonus of the smells of brewing.

Whether you want to make a pale ale or a Belgian triple an experienced home brewer (yes they may have an odd beard and a strange fashion sense) will be able to help you out. The sessions take place about every second Saturday, from about 9am to 1pm. There’s no need to book, its free and there is usually a beer on tap for tastings.

Anyway now you know why I’m not a journalist, but guys at The Age missed an easy and obvious one there. Get there and lean how to brew some beer if you haven’t already. That includes you Mr Writer guy from The Age.

Cheers D


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