When does a homebrew rig become a micro brewery?

Just saw this post on The Crafty Pint for the Riverside Brewing Company in Parramatta, a new brewery with a 250l brewery that looks suspiciously like a home brew setup. This fits in the micro brewery category I guess but is probably at the bottom end. So where is the point that a micro brewery goes below that level and becomes what ever the smaller one is – I guess making it a nano brewery?

Depending on the beer I’m making I can make about 40l per batch, and do two batches in a day, putting me to 80l total in a day if I really push it. So can I now stop calling this a home brew rig and instead call it a nano brewery?

Either way I’m jealous and wish these guys all the best with their new brewery, micro, nano, whatever. With the 250l brew length I’m guessing their beers will be hard to track down, but hopefully worth it.

Now should I get a licence for my 40l brew house?

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “When does a homebrew rig become a micro brewery?

  1. scott murray says:

    Depends what this would mean. I would love to try a beer that youve brewed as they have all sounded impresive and interesting to drink, share and analyse. If it meant youre beers may become a little more available then i would hope you would.

  2. Darren says:

    Cheers Scott, I guess it would mean that I could legally sell beer. With that would come a whole bunch of paperwork and tax etc. I hope it wouldnt change the beers though. May need a slightly bigger system to make the move

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