Black Sunday

Hotel AtitlánImage by carlosoliveirareis via Flickr
Boo, I’m buggered. Today I knocked out two batches of stout, an oatmeal stout and an American/foreign extra stout in sis hours. Thats a little more brewing than I usually do in an arvo, especially when I don’t start brewing until 1pm. I wanted to get the two batches done so I’d have something to enter in the Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza. I do like an Extravaganza, and stout. Anyway I was running low on free weekend time to brew so it had to happen. And it all happened pretty well, apart from finding a couple of dead mice in my mill, and a couple of mini stuck mashes, and a massive dump of rain. Other than that, and me being a little buggered all good.

Both taste pretty good too, even if I do say so myself. I cant be bothered posting the recipes now but will do some time later in the week. I also had a fairly efficient day as far as brew length. Making less hoppy beers has a nice positive side effect in that I end up with more beer. So as part of my strive for interesting beers I made up a combo of the two worts, about 6litres and added a bunch of American Oak Chips and some English yeast. Not sure how it’ll come out, time will tell.

So that’s about it. Not sure if I’ve solved my issues with leaving blog comments (working on it Mark CA!O), might try and leave a comment somewhere. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

One thing I do know if that Stu is threatening to sell of the key bits to my brewery upgrade. I’m working on getting there, not sure how but apparently I have to get to Beechworth sooner rather than later or my kegs will be back on Ebay where I found them. That would not be good. I think I need the Iron Man suit to fly there. hmmm?

That’s enough for now, not sure if I’ll see out the end of Iron Man (now showing on GO!) but I will see the end of my beer, an accidental beer I’m calling a “new world sour”. Its a blonde ale I made for my Dad last year, it got some really ordinary points in VicBrew (rightly so) but now, what I think is the last bottle has developed a really awesome sour twang to it, not quite an Orval or a Cantilion, but nice and refreshing. I really have to make some of these sour beers, I’d just like it to be deliberate, perhaps repeatable too.

Cheers D


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