Cascade FIRST Harvest

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Harvest beers, I love the idea of them. Actually I like anything harvest, seasonal produce, something made at the time of year when the ingredients are at the best, or the first one harvested. All that crap that the farmers markets bang on about.

Harvest at my parents farm generally involves me spending a bunch of time in a stuffy tractor cabin (OK maybe air conditioned now) doing laps of a paddock ferrying grain from the harvester to the truck, cursing the weather or swearing at broken machinery. The thing called harvest and all the bits and pieces that go with it live in a good part of my brain. I have thought about doing a harvest beer, probably a saison where I use some of the first grain harvested at my parents farm in the malt bill. Or if I grew my own hops, perhaps a fresh hop beer. Which is why I find this beer a little disappointing.

I’ve had Cascade First Harvest in the past, I think they do a new version each year. This is version no. 10. So now I do I say that I don’t really like a beer that fits most of the criteria that should make it a good beer? The answer would be yes. Firstly there is nothing wrong with this beer, its crisp and clean. But it doesn’t sing to me.

It has a slight fruity/spicy hop character, a small amount of bitterness and a hit of caramel in the malt but its lacking in body. It has an almost watter mouth feel too it. So disappointing. It kind of reminds me of a not quite on the money hombrewed English style bitter or mild ale. Its just not quite there. It needs more of a malt background, perhaps a bit less carbonation. It could just be that its not the beer that I hopped it would be.

Anyway its not a bad beer, but i wouldnt rush out to buy it again.

That’s it for the beer review bit, now on to the whole blogger and google account thing. Something weird is going on and it doesn’t seem to want to let me leave comments under my own name. I am sure that Mark Dapin is really missing my comments, as is Cooking Lager. Its a real pain in the arse. If you have any idea how I can solve this please let me know.

OK enough of my complaining, time to go, need to build a stout recipe, perhaps for a brew this weekend. Not only is it stout drinking weather its almost time for the Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza, might need to enter a beer or two. I suggest you do too, its the first Sunday in July so hurry up and brew something.

Cheers D


2 thoughts on “Cascade FIRST Harvest

  1. Mark Dapin says:

    Miss you, Daz. C!AO.

  2. Darren says:

    yea miss you too Mark, I'm having a few issues leaving comments

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