The post Dazzapalooza wrap

The kegs are all clean. The keys have been found. The shit did I do that text messages have been sent. Plenty of junk food/panadols/coffee/”insert own hangover remedies here” has been consumed. That leaves me sitting on my couch wearing ugg boots having one of my Belgian IPA’s. Its not to bad, an interesting mix of Belgian yeast and citrusy hops, not too sure what I think of it. Perhaps the 10 kegs of home brew that were consumed yesterday may be clouding my ability to properly asses beer. But then that’s what Dazzapalooza is all about.
Now to the wrap of Dazzapalooza 2011. All up there were 10 kegs of home brew, 9 beer and 1 cider, and in between the hours of midday and midnight then all became empty. So what was in those kegs?

1. Ded Red Ged – a big Hoppy American Amber, with a nice blend of crystal malt and citrusy hops. Fairly easy drinking, and at about 6.5% ABV this one caused some damage.
2. Fountain IPA – Hops, Hops and Hops. It was about 70 IBU, not sure what the dry hop’s added to this, however even though IPA’s are all about hops this has a nice malt backbone and an amber colour. I think this one’s about 6.5% ABV too. It’s had a name change thanks to the volatile nature of the beer and its desire to explode out the top of the keg.
3. Aussie Wheat – an easy drinking pale beer with a nice fresh hoppy finish thanks to the Amarillo and Simcoe dryhop. Someone please give me a better name for this beer. Someone give me a name for this beer.
4. Mannering Bitter – an English bitter/pale ale full of East Kent Goldings Hops named after a recently Australianised pom. About 5% ABV. Tasted great at ambient temp, UK style. I think there was tear in Grahams eye as he tasted his namesake beer. 

Mannering and his beer

5. “Duff wears a skirt” apple cider – When I first tasted it I thought, this one last night, tastes like cider, a bit sweet and a bit tart. Not really sure of the ABV but at least 5 I think. Very popular with the ladies (and some of the less manly men)
6. Heffervitzen – just a German wheat beer, nothing special here, ok that was what I first said but Dirk was really unhappy with this. It was a lovely soft hefff with a slight spicy flavour.
7. Titanic Black IPA – a big black hoppy beer by Hendo, over 9.3%ABV, black and hoppy with a gut load of hops (gut load is a technical brewing term meaning a lot). I was actually hoping there would be some of this left to put on tap at home.
8, 9 and 10 – Beers by Dan, there was an IPA, a nice hoppy beer, something black that was a blend of a couple of beers. I cant really remember what the other one was.
Gerard’s catering didn’t let the show down, with more or less a continuous supply of hot dogs. Sauce, cheese, bacon, onions. What more could a man want?
And now to the music, ah yes the music. Jamie and Jugga had been “jamming” in preparation. They didnt fill my request for duelling banjos or cassical gas but they did rock out hard in a kind of non rocking out hard way. Part of being rock and roll is looking rock and roll. Jugga opted to go with the Tim Rogers look. Jamie more of a long lost Oasis member. They could be the new “insert guitar duo here” really I don’t know, maybe the Proclaimers or Wham? Well played boys.
Big cheers to Gerard, Megan, Fizzy and Robbo for the use of their back yard, couldn’t have done it without them.
I wont go into the dancing, nudity, wrestling and other shenanigans that ensued later in the evening. If you were there you know all about it. The pic’s will no doubt end up somewhere like facebook. And for reference Fizzy did not set fire to himself. Also apologies for the hangovers, na not really.
So one thing is for certain, Dazzapalooza 2012 will be back bigger and better than ever.
Cheers D

what are you doing Fizzy?



One thought on “The post Dazzapalooza wrap

  1. GM says:

    Tears of joy fella, tears of joy !

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