Dazzapalooza and the beer fountain

As Dazzapalooza is only 2 sleeps away I’m just putting the finishing touches on the beers (& cider). Doing this basically involves tasting the last two beers (quality control is such a chore) to make sure that they taste OK and everything else is good, carbonation, clarity etc. so I am all good to take them to Ged and Fizz’s tomorrow. This involves taking out the dry hops from the Aussie wheat (it needs a better name than that) and the IPA. I really should have know better than to put dry hops into a carbonated beer but it needed more hops.

There are probably plenty of explanations as to why the keg became a fountain. I’ll give you my ideas as to what happened. Adding the dry hops added a bunch of nucleation sites, these are spots that bubbles start from. Perhaps I had the keg a tad over carbonated. So when I tried to vent the keg so I could remove the bag full of hops I struck a problem, the nucleation sites kicked the bubbles into gear which shot a bunch of beer and a bit of the mesh bag holding the dry hops into the relief valve. This resulted in a beer fountain that actually shot high pressure beer into my face.

Luckily I had a feeling about this keg and the wholeprocedure took place in my bathroom, which needed mopping anyway. I also needed to wash my face with beer, this is something that I usually do every night so no big deal. Good thing it tasted OK.

Anyway I’m tasting the German wheat beer right now, its all good, and the dry hops are out of Aussie wheat keg. All that is left to do is some keg transportation tomorrow and some drinking on Saturday.

Also I need to name the Aussie wheat. you have until tomorrow night to name the beer. Sugestions people?

I need a shower now.

Cheers D


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