Good Beer Week stuff No. 2 & the Hop Zombie

While tonight was the 3rd night of Good Beer Week it was only the second night I ventured out and did good beer week stuff. The nearest I went to doing Good Beer Week stuff last night was singing the Good News Week Song as “It’s Good Beer Week….. insert random beer stuff here” but that doesn’t really count.

Tonight the plan was to go to Young and Jackson, catch Hendo for a beer or two and then head to Cookie for some Hop Zombie. Unfortunatley I don’t plan things well so when I got to Young and Jackson it looked to be a closed or ticketed event so I headed up to Cookie instead of trying to get around the door bitch. I later found out all you had to do was agree to go on a mailing list and you got free entry and beer. I could have done that but I do have to admit I don’t read or like Beer and Brewer Magazine so no big loss to me.

So to Cookie. I like this bar, they specialise in getting drunk people drunker as an old boss once told me. I can agree with that from personal experience. Back in about 2004 or 05 I needed some catch up drinks to get me on a level playing field with some friends who had been drinking all arvo. The set me onto some polish vodka that then saw me not only catch up but go straight past them. I think the stuff was called Spiritos?

Anyway, Cookie. They were not at all set to deal with a bunch of beer nerds rocking in to get some Hop Zombie, the IPA from Epic. I got there a bit early and the place was full of the regular city dwellers eating dinner, having coctails etc. And then the beer nerds started rocking in.

Hop Zombie was turned on at 7pm so I had a Bridge Rd Black Breakfast larger to start off. A great beer, roasty and chocolaty with a real nice weight to it. Kind of a big swartz beer. It was served a little too cold but I would happily have many more of these beers. I’m not sure what was in this beer but believe it included things like toast, muesli, coffee and other breakfast stuff. That would have been a fun brew day.

But back to the Hop Zombie. All of a sudden, just before 7pm a bunch of people in Hop Zombie and Epic t-shirts arrived. Then some sort of cue started, there appeared to be vouchers and t-shirts. As I said the place wasn’t set for beer, there was bugger all room and beer nerds kept flowing in. Anyway I got in the t-shirt and token line or huddle as it was for my t-shirt and pint package. A good deal in all, making either the shirt or the pint cheap. I don’t know, maths and ecceconomics are not my thing.

Now to the beer. Firstly you could smell the hops, a mix of what I’m guessing was centenial, amaraillo, cascade and maybe simcoe floating across the bar. That’s a big thing in Cookie, its a big place with Asian food, cocktails and a shitload of people. Now what did it taste like? no first the appearance. A light golden and very bright beer, not the big crystal bomb that would have made me sad. To the taste. I like it, its all hops and not to much of the bitterness. I don’t doubt that this would be a solid IBU level beer (70 or better?) but it didn’t have a massive bitterness. It did have a huge nose and hop and flavour. I’m going to put it in the same ball park as my Union Jack IPA Clone (its a better beer than mine) so am thinking its got a lot of late and dry hops.

I have no idea how long this beer will be around or where you will get it other than Cookie tonight. So get up and go there now!

That will do for now.

Oh forgot to mention I had a beer with J-Lo, it was a Kilkenny at the Bridey O’Rileys on Little Collins St. I suppose that counts as part of Good Beer Week too. Also I think I need to note that I’ve seen a few people at multiple Good Beer Week events, it seems its going well and serving a bunch of good beers to good people. I like it, shame I’m not more organised and its not on more often. Still its not over yet. Neither is “Sons of Anarchy”, dam this show is good. Watch it (drinking a good beer of course). 
Cheers D

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