Brother Thelonious, Beer V’s Jazz

Bill Cosby: HimselfImage via Wikipedia
First of all I’m not sure that I’ve ever listened to Jazz unless you count watching the Cosby show. I know that Bill Cosby loved his Jazz as much as bad knitted jumpers and pudding. That is about all I know about Jazz other than people who play and listen to Jazz think they are cool, wear skivvies and berets, and smoke their cigarettes through those long holder things. They may also look like the Pink Panther.

So that’s me on Jazz.

But wait why then was I listening to it this evening as I kegged up a batch of bitter and some cider? Well its all thanks to Good beer Week, Beer Deluxe and North Coast Brewing Co. For my lucky door prize last night I received “The Brother Thelonious Quintet” on CD. This CD features many people who play good Jazz, I think. Anyway as background music and noise is a preferred environment for me this stuff works. I have to say I don’t really get it. The shit is all over the shop. Perhaps that’s why Bill Cosby liked the stuff, I mean he had to be off his head to wear those jumpers so maybe it makes sense. For me it will probably just stay background music.

And so my preference will probably go to the beer rather than the music, especially the Brother Thelonious beer which I tasted last night at Beer Deluxe. I only had a small pour, and I still stick by my rule of don’t judge a beer unless you’ve had a pint but this Belgian Dark Strong beer is one that I would look to find a full pint of. It has plenty of those plum pudding flavours, rum, raisins, kind of like a Chimay Red. Anyway I like it. It shares little with the Jazz, except for teh name and the picture on the lable (look at my previous post).

As for my beers scheduled for Dazzapalooza, the British pale/bitter – “Mannering Bitter”, tastes OK, needs a little time in the keg and perhaps some dry hops. The cider, well it tastes like cider, apples with a bit of a sweet tart thing going on. I don’t know under carbonated cider so really don’t know where this will end up. The Ded Red Ged and the IPA are also both sitting well. Just the Aussie wheat and the Heff to finish off now. Only about 10 days until Dazzapalooza is go, fingers crossed no balls up.


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