Good Beer Week – North Coast Brewing Co. at Beer Delux

I wasn’t going to have beers tonight but its good beer week so really I didn’t have a choice. As I am rubbish at planning where I ended up was more an artifact of what was close to where I worked and where a good make worked. That saw me end up at Beer Delux.

I knew that they had Boatrocker Hoppbier on through a Randal, or hop filter if you will but didn’t know that there was a tasting session on for the beers from North Coast Brewing Co. I think it was also a launch for their beer in Australia, either way for $20 we got 10 samples and a glass. I went for an Old Rasputin (Russian Imperial Stout) as I’d heard of that one. OK I’d also heard of Pranquster (Belgian Golden Strong) but they didn’t have a glass for that.

The beers were pretty good, no out and out duds but the standouts for me were the Pranquster and the Old Rasputin. The hoppy beers wernt that hoppy but good and the saison was a little sweet for me. The other beer I need to mention is Brother Thelonoius, a Belgian duble I think. It was a good beer, but more so I need to mention it because I got a lucky door prize of a CD by the same name. Its a Jazz CD, not sure how good or bad it is but either way I’ll be listening to it while I drink a Belgian beer. Perhaps a Jazz inspired one. I may even wear a beret and a skivy.

Who knows.

Anyway the Boatrocker Hoppbier through the randal was great. It had the softness and malt that is the strength of that beer but it had a great hop character that I can most easily relate to tasting unfermented wort. Fresh and hoppy. The hops were Rewaka (a NZ hop, pretty sure its spelt wrong). If this beer tasted like this all the time it would be my go to. Alas not.

I also had a crack at the Bridge Rd Harvest Ale. All citrus goodness but not too much. I liked it but would have liked a little more bitterness. Still for a fresh hop beer, that can often end up tasting like lawn clippings in vodka, this is one hell of a nice smooth ballanced beer. Again put this one on tap all year and I’m a happy man.

Time to go now. Might put on The Brother Thelonious Quintet CD. Awesome Town.

Go drink something for Good Beer Week, you know you want to.

Cheers D


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