Brew Sculpture Ideas 2 – Electric?

I was listening to the Brewing Network Sunday Session on the train this morning with Kal from the Electric Brewery talking about (surprise surprise) setting up an electric home brew system.

Hmm never need to fill the gas bottles again, never run out of gas mid brew, never have the wind affect the boil. This could be a good idea for when I get around to rigging up my new brew system. It would be a change from the good old reliable roar of the burner but I have done a few batches like this in the past, using my hot liquor tank as a kettle. Boiling wort in a plastic bucket just felt wrong but maybe this could work?.

Anyway Kal has masses of great info on setting up an Electric brew system that can all be found at

He sounds like a good fella and is more than generous with his information, I haven’t read through it all yet (and there is a shit load of it so it’ll take a while) but it looks the goods. My only concern would be the cross over from the North American power setup (Kal is Canadian) to the Aus system. I think we have more volts and hence more danger!

Anyway there is some thinking for the start of Good Beer Week. Now go drink something.



2 thoughts on “Brew Sculpture Ideas 2 – Electric?

  1. theharvest says:

    Looks the goods Daz, thanks for sharing. The only thing stopping me from going full electric is the requirement of upgrading mains circuits to accomodate the bigger elements – I live in a rental, so putting the money into something I can't take with me is hard to justify, and not something our landlords would come to the party with.A 5500w element as he suggests would draw 22 amps (most domestic circuits handle 10amps max!)

  2. Darren says:

    Cheers @theharvest and I'm with you on the concerns at having to upgrade the mains circuits. I currently have a 2200w element for my HLT, that I plug into the regular mains outlets. Its about 30litres? and I have boiled wort in it with out any stress. The 2200w ones are aavailable from places like Grain and Grape in Yarraville.The other thing stopping me from going electric is the wiring, I think for my own saftey I'd be getting pre made control boxes as I have for my HLT (an old analog one that I dont really like) and a didigital for controling my ferment temp.

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