My Mill

Last post I mentioned that I’d emailed the Mash Master for some ideas about getting a better grist out of my mill. Well they got back to me more or less straight away, and it seems that my thoughts that I’m running it to quick are in line with theirs. Anyway just thought it was worth giving Francis at Mash Master a plug, I like their gear and that the get back to customers quickly. Good people to deal with in my book.

As to people not getting back to you I cant say the same for the guys at Montieths Brewing in NZ. I sent them a question about their Summer Ale that tastes like ginger beer (i.e. did I get a dud batch or is it supposed to taste like ginger beer?) and nothing back. Not even a simple thanks for your email. There is seldom an excuse for bad customer service.

That’ll do for now.

Cheers D

PS – if you are reading this and are not currently following my blog please hit the follow button. Mark Dapin has way more followers than me. Its really unfair. That’s enough begging for now.


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