Dazzapalooza beers so far….

NEW YORK - JULY 02:  Former champion Takeru Ko...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
So Dazzapalooza draws near (May 28) and therefore I need to be cracking on with the beers. So where am I up to??

The music is apparently going well, Jamie and Jugga have been “jamming”. I have put in a request for dueling banjos, and classical gas but I’m guessing they may not be on the play list. Apparently the practice has been going well, to the extent where the fellas wondered if it was in them playing. I’m liking the sound of this. They could be the new “insert guitar duo here” (really I don’t know).

The catering is set. Gerard is right now working on his gourmet hot dogs. OK he will be going to the supermarket the day before and getting some hot dogs. There is also a chance of some form of hot dog eating contest late in the day, as per a precedent set at a previous party. That will not be pretty. Also please note that the term gourmet means there will be more than 3 options for sauce.

And as usual there is a better than 60% chance the Fizzy will set fire to himself. Awesome.

Now to the beers. I’ve just kegged up and IPA and a hoppy amber ale (both in the 6% ball park). I also have a cider fermenting away following requests, mainly from people who wear skirts (and Duff). I’ll be brewing some more beer this weekend to fill the remainder of my kegs.

In addition there are also two guest brewers scheduled to be rocking up with beer, I’ll happily drink most anything either produce and as they are both in the making beer for a living end of the world (or soon to be) there may be a bit or market research going on with their beers. So who are they?

Dan, he’s in Japan right now and I don’t really know what he’s going to have in the keg but it’ll be good. To check out his blog click here Dainton Brewing

Hendo – I did the res school at beer school with Hendo, a good man. He’s currently at a vic brewery but I wont plug that unless he’s OK with it. I expect whatever he brings in the keg will be in the ballpark of 10%ABV. It will be good but pain inducing.

So that’s about it. invitation is by invite from me (yea and bring a friend etc.) so message or email me or if you were there last year you’ll get the invite with all the details.

Cheers D


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