Mystery wardrobe keg beer

Last night I was cleaning some kegs in preparation for Dazzapalooza and found half a keg of beer in the back of my wardrobe. I have no idea what it is but its probably been there since about Christmas. I thought it was a keg of sanitiser but when I went to tip it out it was amber. Not sanitiser at all. So as the fridge was empty I resealed the keg, chilled it down and am having a pint of it right now.

Again I have no idea what it is, I think it may have been a pale ale or a wheat beer but all the hops have dropped out of it. Its not sour and way past its prime but its not terrible. There is a funny fruit tingle type taste to it that I cant quite put my finger on.

So Mystery Wardrobe Keg Beer? not sure if I’ll keep drinking this or not so leave a comment if you have any ideas on what to do with this random beer. I think I’ll at least keep it until I need the keg space, so a week or so perhaps.

Also if you are reading this (and like it I guess) could you please see your self clear to follow my blog (if you arnt already) I am currently losing in the race for followers against Mark Dapin and his blog by the same name. While I do like his writing and think he would be a top bloke to have a beer with, he has a regular spot in The Age Good Weekend magazine. This gives him an unfair advantage so please follow my blog and tell your friends!

OK enough begging for followers, more mystery wardrobe keg beer for me.

Cheers D

PS – was a bit sad to see some people get hurt by the cyclone in Auckland, all a bit close to home as I was there on Sunday. Hope not to many people are hurt.

PPS – more info on Dazzapalooza to follow soon!


2 thoughts on “Mystery wardrobe keg beer

  1. krandall says:

    Next time push on past the magic wardrobe keg and you might get into Narnia.

  2. Darren says:

    the lion the witch and the mystery keg

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