Northland NZ

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Choice bro and a happy Easter/ANZAC weekend to all and sunder from NZ. Other than I am north of Auckland I have no intention of trying to type where I am as the town names are almost unpronounceable. Its just W’s and a bunch of vowels. Without the Lonely Planet next to me I would not do the name of the town any justice at all.

What I can say is the ins and out of the airports were the fastest I have ever experienced, its raining but not cold (everyone said it was going to be cold?) and in general it seems to be a fairly decent place for a holiday when doing not much is on the agenda. And it is.

I’ve had a couple of beers so far in NZ (does James Squire Golden Ale on the plane count?) but nothing worth writing home about. Off to a brew pub for a couple later on this arvo and have another stop or two at brewing related venues penciled in for later in the week. Aiming to get to Halertau and a good beer bar or two in Auckland. As best I can tell most of the of the other good NZ beers I’ve had like Epic and 8 Wired are contract brewed so nothing to see there. Moa? no idea where they are? I really do need to do better research. However this is a holiday. If the blog was paying me I suppose there may be a higher degree of effort put into things. I’ll take a photo at the brew pub.

Also will need to have fush and chups at some stage this week, shame the hire car isnt a Mutsubusshi, “insert own sheep joke” OK that’s all the stereotype kiwi jokes done.

Might be good if the rain stopped, but I’m really not too stressed about it, still good drinking weather regardless.

Cheers D


4 thoughts on “Northland NZ

  1. Anonymous says:

    What are you doing blogging when you are on holidays bro???!!! xxThe Dwarves

  2. Darren says:

    was just chillin before having some fush and chups mini bro's. Doing likewise in Pihia right now with a Tui, also its pissing down!

  3. krandall says:

    Enjoy your holiday bro, hope you get to have lots of six with choice chucks.

  4. Darren says:

    was a good break Kate, only mistake I made was not getting a Mitsubishi hire. Would have been nice to hear people say it.

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