2XIPA from Southern Tier

Just got home from dinner with fiends and decided I needed a hop fix. Luckily sitting in the fridge was a bottle of Southern Tier 2XIPA, from Lakewood New York. I know nothing about this beer other than it is an 8.3% ABV double IPA brewed with 4 types of hops and 3 types of malts. The booze content tells me it will get me hammered if I get stuck into it. Neither of the other two pieces of info tell me much.

The beer is golden colour, with a sweetish hop aroma. Its not a massive hop bomb. Little bit disappointed by that but it is a nice beer, fairly smooth but a little under hopped for my liking considering it’s a double IPA. I would like it to take the enamel off my teeth, and be so hoppy and bitter that it makes me cry. Alas it is not. Its actually got a bit of sweetness going on with it. There are some hops but its more of a double pale ale kind of thing for my mind.

It is however a very pleasant beer, and all the booze is hidden away really well. This is a sneaky falling down beer. What I don’t know about it is how old it is and therefore where the hops started. I could be drinking this sucker past its prime, which would be a little disappointing. Think I’ll just drink it and enjoy it anyway. o need to over analyse things.

Think I need to brew an IPA this weekend.

Cheers DK

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2 thoughts on “2XIPA from Southern Tier

  1. krandall says:

    I like that you had dinner with fiends.

  2. Darren says:

    ha, if only I had. I like that I have awesome spelling skilz

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