Dazzapalooza 2011

Dazzapalooza 2011- Beer, Music and Fizzy catching fire

For those who attended last years Dazfest 2010 this will make sense to you. Everybody lock in May 28 for Dazzapalooza 2011.

Bigger and badder than ever before, well at least than Dazfest 2010, the date is set, location same as last year (Preston), some live music booked (an acoustic set from Jamie and Jugga), there will be food (Gerard is thinking hot dogs, gourmet of course), all welcome (tall people, short people, kids, grandparents etc.) but no other concrete details set at all.

This years beers look like being an IPA, something Red, some Pale Ales from me, something from Dan and a cider if I can figure it out.

More info will be posted here or drop me an email. This is my 99th post so I’d better make the next one good to ensure I notch up the tonne with style just as Boony or Tubby would have.

Cheers D


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