Wedding beer review

As I lie on my couch having a Hightail Ale its a good time to put a few words together on the wedding beer (and the wedding too I guess). Its probably easiest to string a few words together on the wedding first. It all went well. The venue was my old boarding school so I was at ease with my surrounds having lived there for two years, and they have tidied up the place since I was there so it was all good for weddings and assorted mayhem.

For the actual wedding bit the sun busted in through the windows of the chapel almost like a spotlight on my little sis, sort of like the timing of the ceremony had been set to match the angle of the sun for the day. All went well and apart from my niece, Louise wanting to run riot (I kept her sedated with food and random promises of a pony). Bride looked beautiful, groom looked nervous. The usual, but all was good.

The reception kicked off with my beer heading up the “welcome drinks” (there were other beers too). The home brew was the first beer to go, closely followed by a bunch of other beers that led to a bunch of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends all ending up in fairly good form. It was perhaps described as a big night.

So to the beer. I got some comments, mostly good, with some people not believing that I’d made it, some not believing there was wheat from the farm in it. One of Dads mates described it as weed killer, then finished it. Don’t know what he drinks at home.

There were also a few home brewers there, Ez’s friends. I cant work out why Ez (my little sister) didnt tell me that her friends made beer? I’m not sure how far into brewing they are but a number of them gave the beers, especially the pale ale the thumbs up. I was somewhat concerned at the level of questions when I was asked how I got the caps on the bottles?. Appatently “Seals” had been using a hammer on capper and smashed a bunch of bottles. Rookie mistake but I’ll straighten that one out.

So what did I get from it? My sister and Bro in law were happy and people enjoyed having a beer that was unique, one off and marked the day. I enjoyed seeing people enjoy my beer. I got some honest and objective feedback. Not in a professional or trained pallet kind of way but still people told me what they tasted. The witt came over as being a little sweet or floral. My guess is this is the zest/coriander/chamomile combo is what they were referring too as it was a fairly dry beer. From the pale ale I got comments of every orange citrus fruit people could name. And they liked it.

That was the main thing for me, people liked the beers. They could have been a little more carbonated, I could have fermented them a little cooler but people liked them. I think the setting and the spirit of the beers may have made them taste better but thats just a guess.

It went well, little sis was happy, all’s good.

Cheers D


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