Labels on beer – scmancy!

As I’ve previously blogged I’ve brewed some beer for my little sisters wedding. Ez and Brent are getting hitched this Saturday so it was well and truly time to make sure they were ok and bung on the labels. Apart from some issues with what the label company website promised and what they delivered that resulted in free labels (the labels look different to as promised and there were some postage issues) they actually look pretty good. The beer also tastes ok, with the bride and groom both approving the beer.

I like the witt, its nice and soft with the zest and spice not so in your face so as to upset the many non craft beer drinkers that may have a crack at one. The Pale I’m not as excited with, its good but I used a Cal ale (Wyeast 1056) rather than an English one (Wyeast 1098) this has left it a little cleaner as was the plan but I miss the english yeast character. The pale has a strong tangarene scent thanks to the Centennial dry hop.

Anyway the recipes are back in another post somewhere, Wedding Beer I think, or something like that.

The beer should all be gone by the time we reset our clocks for the end of daylight savings.

Finally, not that you’ll need it good luck for the wedding Ez and Brent.

Cheers D


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