Turning Japanese – Red Rice Ale

Against all odds tonight is turning out to be a very Japanese evening. What do you do after a long day in the office with way too much stuff going on? You have a crack at a few recommendations from the Age Cheap Eats Guide and crack open that Japanese beer that has been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks, the Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale.

First to the Cheap Eats Guide. I tried one in Williamstown a few weeks ago, it was rubbish. Still I felt it was owed a second chance which led me to the Seddon Wine Store, 101 Victoria St Seddon. You can go in and have a drink there or just picked up some beer and wine. It has a pretty good selection, way better than the chain store with a camel painted on the wall across the road. The beer range is respectable but not awesome, still more than enough to keep me happy. It was sadly lacking hoppy beers, which made sense when I was having a yarn to the guy who served me. Apparently he thinks Stone and Wood Draught Ale is too hoppy. The guy doesn’t like hoppy beers and it seems he is the beer buyer. He needs educating, I recommended Murry’s Icon I2PA as a learning tool. Will see how it goes.

Stop two Ebi Fine Foods, 18 Essex st Footscray. Japanses fish and chips, bento and sushi. I didnt try the bento or sushi but the vege balls took me straight back to the street food in Kyoto when that festival was cranking. Awesome. I also tried their fish and chips, not bad but I think I’ll stick to the jap stuff one the menu in the future. So glad I went to japan and figured out that their food is so awesome.

I’ll be back to both in the not to distant future I imagine.

Now to the beer. As the name says its red, apparently contains rice and I think has something funky going on in it, kind of Belgian. Its like a mild Cantione twang, I’d almost swear there was fruit in it, but its not sour, just a bit buggy. This is a weird beer, but really refreshing. I’d like to know more about it, like is there something buggy going on in it and if so is it deliberate. And its red. And the booze is really well hidden, its  7% ABV but tastes nothing like it. Give it a go, I am sure there was much Zen in the brewing of this beer.

Sad to see such a nice place like Japan that’s given us so many good things having such a tough time right now. Looking forward to them getting back on their feet so they can get back to doing their thing.

Cheers D


3 thoughts on “Turning Japanese – Red Rice Ale

  1. AMY CHOI says:

    Hey did you dis-follow me!!??

  2. Darren says:

    not sure?, I did a clean up of some blogs that I couldnt work out who they were last night so maybe?

  3. Amy Choi says:

    Happy to have you back.

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