Japanese Classic Ale

Another beer review. I am on fire. This time it is a beer that I am not understanding. Before I get to the Japaneses Classic Ale from Hitachino Nest I will talk about something I do understand, hot crossed buns. While they have been on the shelves since about December I have a strong belief that there shouldn’t be hot cross buns consumed until its at least close to Easter. As it is around this time of year I started on them last weekend. I also purchased another bag of them today (they are in the background of the beer photo). hot cross buns must not either be fruitless or contain chocolate. They must however be eaten with real butter.

Now to the beer, apparently Japaneses Classic Ale is based on how the first Japaneses beer from the Edo period and was aged in cedar barrels. I do get the wood in this beer, kind of on the nose that is also kind of hoppy, something English like EKG I think. Its a weird but not unpleasant beer. From doing some interweb searching on this beer there seems to be a claim that its an IPA. No its not. It is however 7.5% ABV, not that I’m tasting the booze in this beer.

When I was last in Japan about 18 months ago, OK that would be the only time I’ve been in Japan I had nothing to this standard. I ate some awesome food, drank plenty of beers and sake, and saw the salary men getting hammered at the rooftop beer gardens in Tokyo, however I did not have a beer anywhere near this standard.

Marku enjoys a roof top beer in Tokyo

Not certain that I understand it but its growing on me, might be the 7.5% booze. Actually I am tasting the booze in this beer, it has a hint of a Belgian Golden Strong or a triple about it. I could do with some more hops in this beer.

If Marku and myself had found this beer in japan we would have gotten stuck into it. I am looking forward to giving their Red Rice Ale a go.

Cheers D


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