Pride in beer from the poms

Four well-dressed men holding beer bottlesImage by Powerhouse Museum Collection via Flickr
I found this video on Stan Hieronymus’s bolg “Allepation Beer” who got it from Pete Brows blog. I’m a big fan of Stan’s blog (and books) and after stumbling on Pete’s blog I think I’ll be having a look at it more often.

Anyway the vid is a bunch of British brewers and beer industry associates speaking with pride about the beer they make. US craft brewers and home brewers have made similar vids but I like this one more, it seems more genuine. Perhaps its the accents. I always like seeing people talk with pride about what they do or make. Its all the better when its about beer.

So pour a pint and watch the vid, then after you’ve watched the vid, use the rest of your pint drinking time to have a look at Stan and Pete’s respective blogs.

I’ll leave you with a question, how long will it be until we see an Australian version? and will it be any good??

Cheers D

PS this week is a 4 day week, I am still bloody crook


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