Tall Poppy – India Red Ale from 8 Wired Brewing Co.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 23:  Anna Scar...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
I grabbed a few beers today from Grain and Grape, and a bottle shop in Albert Park (cant remember the name of that place) anyway two are NZ beers and the other two from Japan. I have never had any beers from these breweries before. The NZ stuff from 8 Wired Brewing Co. I have heard good things about, from the Brewing Network, and Chris at Grain and Grape gave it them a good wrap (the Tall Poppy I’m drinking right now actually).

The Japanese stuff I really don’t know anything about it other than they have a distinctive owl on the label and I’ve seen the bottles around, from memory as water bottles at St Ali in South Melbourne. The brewery is of course Hitachino Nest. I know nothing about them and will leave that for another night, I just hope that they are crazy in Japanese style. Geelong is playing footy now so I don’t really feel like typing for two long (actually I’ll probably post this tomorrow).

I hope that the beers are grey imports, although I’m guessing they are not.

I know bugger all about 8 Wired Brewing Co. other than the brewer/owner contract brews the beer himself at the brewery that he works for at his day job. Kind of a sweet deal, making his own beer in someone else’s brewery. Kind of the ultimate contract brewing setup, all care and responsibility but none of the capitol outlay.

On to the Tall Poppy – India Red Ale from 8 Wired Brewing Co. I have never heard of an India Red Ale before, it kinda reminds me of a hoppy American Brown Ale, the Tasty McDole Jannets Brown recipe comes to mind. It has a fair degree of bitterness to it, and a fruity hop taste but the beer is more about the malt. As is often expected in red beers it has a caramel flavour to it that goes really nicely with the bitterness.

Its definitely an American style beer but I still don’t really know what to think of the India Red Ale, I guess it could be described as a English-ish IPA with some more character malt in there? (roast and crystal etc.). Still I guess there’s nothing wrong with some marketing spin, and it’s a good beer so no matter either way. I would most definitely have another one. And the beer just keeps on evolving with every sip, opening up as it breaths and warms a little. The bitterness kind of mellows and looses its sharpness.
This is a nice beer. You should go and get one right now.
Right now something to eat.
Cheers D

PS – I also had a good sandwich today, a Ruben at a café in Albert Park that was named after a military guy?? Its just where the main drag in Albert Park turns, away from the main café run. Anyway pastrami, sour kraut, cheese and mustard on rye bread toasted. There were also a couple of mini pickles. This was a most excellent sandwich. Apologies for the dud directions but there need to be some mysteries in life and shit for you to figure out yourself.

Cheers number 2 D


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