The brew day

"Do not drink too much beer"Image via Wikipedia
So brew day done and how was it? where was it?? what happened???

Well it was good. Not telling you where it was and we made 1200l of beer, I washed and filled a few kegs and had a snitchell sanga. Thats a prety good day as far as I see things.

I wont say where I brewed as I’m not sure that the brewers would be ok with that. I will say that I rate their beer as being a good thing. And that the brewer did beer school with me. Other than that all I can say is that typing in the dark a few beers and bourbons in is not so easy. Using the back space button way too much.

Brewing on a big or small scale means the same proces, mash sparge boil ferment. The buckets get bigger and the need to be consistend gets greater. Home brewing is great as the buckets are small and the need for consistency is small. A brewery ggets bigger and the need to be on the money every brew grows. I’m not sure how I feel about this, its the world where a hobby becomes a job. I can make good beer anywhere. I just dont know what cost that will come at.

I love making beer and want to make that the thing that I do. After a day in the brewery I still see that, just that it may take a lotto win to make it a brewing world that I want to be in. thats not all the practical or real though. Funny that others have more faith in me getting  there than me. Realy dont know why? I’m not that shy or retiring.

Baby steps for me in the tracks to brewing, unless a wealthy preson wants to play santa.

I am sounding so bumbed out right now. Appologies for sucking so much


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