SpecTAPular – what did I drink?

I had a few beers at SpecTAPular, an all round excellent day. I shared some beers with Dave, Lachlan, a dude from Slow Beer (one of the owners I think) and I also fitted in a chat with a couple of the guys rom Westgate Brewers and Simon from Hargreaves Hill. When I got there I was some what suprised that there was a que at 1.30pm. The last time I stood in a que to a bar in the afternoon was in Calgary to a bar called “Cowgirls” in stampeede week. That bar was quite different to the Local Taphouse with any waitress who worked there for more than 6 months getting 50% of a boob job being paid for by the house. No offense intended but the staff at Cowgirls were way hotter than the Taphouse staff.
On to the beers, thought I’d give my 2 cents worth on what I thought of them. I didnt get through them all as that would have near killed me, and I wasnt up for drinking those tasting glasses. Not enough beer to get a real taste so it was pots of the following for me. Looking at the list its no wonder I was a touch slow the next day. I need to add that I didnt have a badly brewed beer all day, just some that I wouldnt have again, which is entirley diferent to a beer being bad.

Cucumber Sandwich – Summer Ale (Mountain Goat, VIC, 4.2%)Served with a chunk of cucumber coctail umbrella style. I really liked this one, the beer was light and hoppy and the cucumber added a nice dimension to it.
Organic Blueberry Hefeweizen (Otway Estate, VIC, 5%)
Way too much of an unnatural fruit flavour that was kind of a rasberry cordial type thing. The fruit flavour faded as I finnished the beer, made it easier to drink, still Dave couldnt finnish his.
Fanny Gertrude’s Anzac Bickie Beer – Oats, coconut and vanilla ale (Burleigh Brewing, QLD, 5%)
I really liked the beer, the oats gave a fantastic mouth feel, almost stout like to this beer that was dominated by the vanilla flavour. Think I had 2 of these.
Red Relief (Stone & Wood, NSW, 4.7%)
Nice red beer, kind of an Irish Ale. This one may make the shelves but was a little out of step with the beers of the day and lacked excitment
Cherry Bomb – Cherry and coconut porter (True South, VIC, 5%)
Nice enought porter but wheres the cherry?? have had this issue with mint in one of their beers before. Need to say this beer was late in the day so the taste buds may have been fatigued.
Quince Ale (Lobethal and Brew Boys Collaboration, SA, 5.6%)
I love quinces so was looking forward to this beer. It was more hops than quinces, and a nice pale ale at that, I could just make out the quinces adding some tartness.
Zephyr – Double White Ale (Doctors Orders Brewing, NSW, 5.6%)
I’m not sure where the double aspect of this White Ale is, I think a double anything needs to be at least 7% but thats just me. I remember picking the spice in the beer – anaseedish I think??? but really cant remember now. It was a good witt though, I’d drink it again.
2 Hills Maibock (Collaboration between Hargreaves Hill and Red Hill Breweries, VIC, 6.8%)
Now this was a nice beer, not extreeme at all just a nice soft lager. I spoke to Simon from Hargreave Hill about it and it was great to hear him being excited about lager brewing, somehting that we dont see too much off in the craft beer world in Aus. Its also something that I dont have the patience or setup for brewing myself. I think something along the lines of this beer will hit the shelf from Hargreaves Hill, and Red Hill already make an excellent Chech Pills.  I had 2 of these.
Karma Citra – Black IPA showcasing the Citra hop (Feral, WA, 5.9%)
A black IPA with that tangarine citrus taste. good beer.
Lemon Myrtle IPA (Jamieson, VIC, 7%)
Anaseed! I liked it though.
Big Red Rocket – Imperial Red Ale (Bridge Road, VIC, 9%)
This was my last beer and I was a little gone by then. It was fermented in a muscat barrel and I remember tha being a big part of the flavour, cant remember a whole lot more than that.

If you look at the above photo from teh Aussie SpecTAPular you can see my mate Dave with the glases and the back of my head, my best angle!

I then left. Not sure what time it wsa but I do know that I was home early enough to order fish and chips so it was before 9. I woke up a little dusty the next day but not too bad, perhaps this was testemant to the good brewing skills and clean ferments. Maybe it was the 10 hours sleep and some panadol?

Anyway congrats to all the brewers and to the StKilda Local TapHouse for an excellent day of beer. More beers and a bigger venue next year please.

Cheers D


8 thoughts on “SpecTAPular – what did I drink?

  1. jayelde says:

    Aww man, totally forgot you were going to be there! We arrived right at the start but were stuck downstairs in the front corner for most of the afternoon. If you were in the queue outside, you may have been staring at my wife and I through the front window. We finally got upstairs sometime after 6pm, then all of a sudden it was after 10pm…oops!Anyway, totally agree with your post. I had a very similar experience. Tried all the beers, not a bad one there. Some were better than others, some didn't fully work for me, some felt a little unbalanced…and a couple were just freakin' awesome. All in all, an amazing line up of unique Australian beers and a wonderful event.

  2. jayelde says:

    Oh…and Crafty has just added a bunch more pics to the Local Taphouse Flickr roll.See if you can find yourself in some:http://www.flickr.com/photos/27700409@N07/sets/72157625921316159/(I am unfortunately in several towards the end.)

  3. Darren says:

    Yep was in the que at about 1.30 ish then went up stairs and at about 5 came back down stairs. Probably passed you on the stairs

  4. Darren says:

    oh and I checked the crafty pint photos, only the back of my head managed to feature

  5. Dave says:

    Yep had some interesting beers, the Anzac bickie gets my vote for the best one of the day. The blueberry was way too sweet for me, think I only got through about two thirds of it before giving up and moving on to the others.

  6. Darren says:

    forget the beers Dave, what about that photo of you. Surley one for the fridge

  7. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like the Maibock, it was a great day out for Australian craft beer. Big fun. cheers, Red Hill Brewers

  8. Darren says:

    bloody hell, a brewer actually read this crap. I really should have used the spell check

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