Macedon and the Temptress

Its Monday, I’m a touch tired and I have what I fear will be a long week in front of me. I really should make it a 4 day week.

So what caused the tiredness? a trip to the country, all that fresh air and clean living apparently faild me on my trip to Macedon. It did however keep me out of the mini floods that hit Melbourne over the weekend. I left and it was kind of sunny, and I came back to yet more sunshine. Macedon however was not blessed with sunshine.

Why Macedon you ask? It was Kristen’s b’day and a shack (Lawson Lodge)with a golf course, tennis, spa etc. had been booked. There was sporting, bbqing and drinking. There was also a large number of cartwheels and icecream cones being smashed on heads. Beer was a big part of the weekend but quantity was more the theme rather than quality (with the exception of some homebrews and some coopers pale).
On my sporting performance on the weekend I can only say that although it has been some years since I have either been on the golf course or the tennis court I was not as bad as I thought I would be. I am still not fit, piss fit but not fit. Thanks to the piss fit bit I was hangover free all weekend (feel a bit second hand now though).

Upon leaving Macedon we decided that a trip to Woodend would be a good idea (secretly I felt like dropping into the Holgate Brewery) as thats what you do in the country. We wandered that town saw some terrible paintings of tigers and lions, a bakery and some craft shops. Nothing really caught the interest so on the way back to the car a quick stop at the pub was in order.

A bowl of hot chips and a pot the Temptress on hand pump through coffee beans was the order. I’ve had this beer and quite enjoyed it a number of times, but never at the brewery, on hand pump or through coffee. Firstly my thoughts on this beer – its a black, roasty beer with a dusty kind of mid way between coffee and chocolate finish. Adding more coffee of course boosts this aspect of the beer. I like it. Its a little light on the body but thats not something that I would ssay hurts the beer, as it is at the lighter end of where theis style of beer can be.

Now to the hand pump, I’ve never really had beers on hand pump before and I dont know that I’m rating it all that highly right now. The beer wasnt as bright as it could have been, no actually as I expected it to be. This may be how hand pump beers are? I dont know. I will drink the Temptrss again, not sure about the hand pump aspect yet. Looking forward to being convinced.

Also on the selection of afood to accompany a porter I would not recomend hot chips and sauce. Something along the lines of a blue chese or even soemthing with a chocolate flavour would be way better but I’d been drinking all weekend. Also had I not been driving I would have been all over about 10 pints of their Road Trip IPA. If you see this beer get stuck into it.

So that was my weeeknd. Bugger off now, I have work to do.

Cheer D


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