Breakfast Foccacia/ Chibata

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With today being hot bastard of course I was at the beach. Lorne to be exact and it was bloody hot.

Being down there for just one night we didn’t take food or cook, and with it being so hot the caravan has the potential to get pretty warm so eating out is the ticket. Breakfast this morning took us to Kafe Kaos, possibly my favourite breakfast place ever. And that leads me to the topic of tonight’s blog, a review of a sandwich kindoff.

Kafe Kaos has what they call the breakfast chibata on the menu. Up until recently it was called a breakfast foccacia. I’ve been eating them for about 10 years so I’m going to stick with calling it a breakfast foccacia, old habits and all. Anyway its not really a sandwich however as both chibatas and foccacias are sort of sandwichy things I’m going it claim it.

It is also much more interesting than the ham cheese and tomato toasted turkish roll I had for lunch from Moons (also on the Lorne main drag). Nice but not really blog worthy.

Back to the breakfast foccacia. They take all the main food groups and stick them together with cheese. Well that’s not strictly true but I usually order it with bacon so that rounds things out. I’ve eyed them making this thing a couple of times and almost have it figured out. So here is a direction/guess/description of this cheesy good thing.

1. Heat up a hotplate or big frying pan.

2. Slice a foccacia (or chibata) in half, cover one side with pesto and dip the lot in beaten egg, like for French toast.

3. Put into frying pan

4. Also put enough tasty cheese to cover the foccia also in the pan.

5. Let this lot cook for a bit then add some chopped tomato to the cheese

6. Now flip the focaccia bit onto the cheese bit (once its cooked about right)

7. Now flip the whole thing back over and you have it.

8. Serve with bacon and 2 strong latte’s.

9. Eat it

When I tried replicating it I’ve been close but not exact. They do it better there and they don’t end up with a messy cheesy pan to clean.

I don’t recommend eating more than two of these a month as they probably do bad things to your cholesterol levels and possibly turn your blood to gravy. This is an awesome hangover cure and has saved me many a time. Get your arse to Lorne and have one.

Cheers D

One thought on “Breakfast Foccacia/ Chibata

  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds yummy…Perhaps we should bring the tent and kid down to lorne for a w/e before the end of summer…could be worth it.

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