The 4 Day Week – my new thing

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 26: Beachgoers cov...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
So far for 2011 I have not worked a 5 day week. The first week back was a 4 day week due to my personal rule of never go back to work from a break to a full weeks work, the second due to a sickie, and the third (this week) due to the Australia Day public holiday where every Aussie man woman and child must stand in a back yard eating burnt snags and drinking beer.

4 day weeks are my new thing. They allow for more stuff to be done that is not work related. This includes sleeping in, drinking coffee, playing golf, building time machines and of course brewing beer. So far I have not managed to use any of my 4 day weeks to get to brew more beer. This will have to be rectified in the near future for a number of reasons;

  1. I need to brew to achieve my zen
  2. I need to brew some beer for my little sisters wedding in April
  3. nearly all of my kegs are empty
  4. The brewing gods demand it.

The brewing schedule at present has a pale ale and a Witt for Ez and Brent’s wedding, something big and Belgian/monkish, some beer with bugs in it, and some stout. There will also need to be beer for Dazzapalooza, the follow up festival to Dazfest 2010. This should be bigger and better than last year more info to follow.

Anyway go have yourself a 4 day week, its good for your soul and for your brewing.




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