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I like making beer and I’m kinda OK at it. However in getting to this point I have a number of people that I owe a great deal of thanks to. They are not some guys in a Melbourne home brew club, or some guru that “taught me everything he knows”. A great deal of thanks goes to the guys at Grain and Grape in Yarraville over the years, but some of that has been more affirmation and access rather than inspiration.

I owe my brewing inspiration to The Brewing Network. I think there may be a TM or something in there, and if you know it you may refer to it as the BN or the BN Army, or yourself as a BN’er. Either way the BN is where i attribute most of the good and brave ish stuff I do in relation to beer. Brave is not quite the right word but if I stuck within the realms of guys I met at home brew shops and the Aussie home brew forum I’d be thinking I was extreme (with 2 X’s) if i was trying to clone James Squire Golden Ale. The BN is the man in the corner telling me to say “fuck’em” to the supposed rules of home brewing. I need to add that most of these rules are bullshit – stir don’t stir, skim the foam, rack to secondary. Fuck you I say to all these false rules.

When I started brewing I had a mad bent for doing stupid stuff. Made some bad beer but had some fun. There was a guy in the home brew shop who replied to most things ” you cant do that!” (he is no longer there). I started seeking out recipes and John from G&G pointed me to the Jamil Show. My second all grain was a Russian Imperial , 3rd a Golden Strong. Growing the yeast for the Russian Imperial I brewed an American Pale Ale enlightening me to the style, always loved Little Creatures, never knew it was a Us pale!. All three recipes were from the Jamil show. The Jamil show went through every style in the BJPC and gave an award winning recipe. Awesome and generous.

The Jamil show was where i found the BN. Jamil and John Plise, with Brewcaster J running the board gave me the styles, and some drunked humour that expanded my beer world. They also made me persist with downloading the 4 hr podcast that was the Sunday Session. When I started doing this my Internet sucked and the 4 hr show would kill any download that I had or take hours. Still once I had the first one I actually felt like persisting with the bad download issues.

A lot were downloaded at work. The BN rocked and I had a commute to work to persist with. And an Ipod.

So then I became a BN’er. From this I learned a hell of a lot about beer and a bit about helping others and sharing. First on the sharing and caring bit. The BN is about sharing beer information. Some brewers guard recipes, never got that myself and the BN is with me on that. There is no one secret recipe that will win the day or make the perfect beer. If you like a recipe share the fucker. Big props to all the brewers that have shared recipes on the BN over the years. Its not so secret and not so hard. In will never hide away a recipe. Tasty, Doc cheers for this.

Also share your beer with other people . We all like the smell of our own farts. Home brew is like that. I value the opinons of others greater than my own when it comes to my beer (Nik and Dan get a mention here). This also flows oin to putting beer in competitions and to getting feedback in general. All is good. I followed their push on comps and feedback last year and got some awards. Had it not been for the BN I may never have had a crack. From now on I will always seek feedback from those that I respect on my beers.

Dont be a douche bag. I get this from Justin and its not beer related. He’s about my age, likes beer like me and is doing what i want to be doing, running his own business. Now I dont want to have a radio station (but if I did it would be the BN- what with his lavish lifestyle and hand infections) but I don’t like working for other people. However more than the respect I have for the business J, I respect the don’t be a douche J. He is not Gandi and says many offensive thing but always seems to care about people. Having a sense of humor should not be confused with not caring. Also on your recommendation I tried Cantione. Awesome beer.

Other than that the BN is an invaluable resource for brewing info. Right now this blog is too long and the Internet saving lag is making it a pain in the arse to write. Finally JP suck it. Na really you add more to the show than you will ever admit.

I If you like beer and brewing seek out the Brewing Network. If you have no sense of humour look elsewhere. I

Cheers Bitches



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    the fucking blog editor has locked up and I cant change the damn thing. really over the interweb not behaving

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