What new beers have I been trying?

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So what have I been drinking? Well over the weekend lots of different beers that are worth mentioning as much the good the bad and the ugly. Na make that the good the bad and the so so. Not that I really do new years resolutions but on my list of stuff for 2011 entry 3 is Interesting Beers. The following is my first crack at that list.

Friday night saw me at Biero with the boys. It was my first week back in the office after a couple of weeks off so I needed a beer of two. Or 10. Anyway Jamie, Jas and Jugga joined me. Apologies for calling them soft in the past. Those of you who proved them selves soft by not showing up know who you are.

Anyway there were 10 beers on the blackboard, Jugga tried them all top to bottom (not sure if he had the cider??) but did it by drinking pots. It was Friday I needed Pints. So what do I remember trying?

• 3 Ravens 55 Pale Ale. Good beer, can be a bit up and down on occasions (perhaps when it sells slowly and sits in the keg too long) but all and all is a nice citrusy US pale ale.

• Holgate White Ale. A wit beer, nice yeast character, not too spicy or zesty, great for a warm evening.

• The new Mountain beer – Summer Ale I think?? Nice pale ale, not 100% certain but if I had too guess I’d say it had a fair component of the grist bill made up by wheat and a fair whack off dry hopping. Of course I could be completely wrong. Nice beer though, again good for the warm evening.

• A pumpkin beer. Really don’t remember where this one was from but it smelled like raisin toast. Generally pumpkin beers are based on US pumpkin pies and have a bunch of spices in them, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. hence the raisin toast thing. I haven’t had too many of them but it seems that the pumpkin doesn’t add a whole lot of flavour. I also think pumpkin beers are more of a winter/autumn suited beer so not right for a warm Melbourne evening. I only had a pot of this beer, but not to bad. May not be able to drink a pint of this beer in summer though.

I think I also had a 3 Ravens dark and some Wienstephan. Also doubled up on a couple of beers. The only one I didn’t try was the Hoprocker Alpha Queen on tap, they ran out just as I ordered. I like the beer in the bottle but this was the first time I’ve seen it on tap.

I had some Hungry Jacks on the way home and had to sort out the dodgy staff who were trying to serve up cold chips and warm coke to people. Outraged by the bad chips and luke warm coke I had a chat to management and in no time at all everyone in the shop waiting for their burgers got fresh chips and drinks. Only a little win but made me feel good, nice to fit that one last good deed in for the week. And get fresh chips.

Saturday went for a drive round past Black Rock. I’ve been in Melbourne for 6 years and never been round there. Anyway it was a nice day for lying on the beach and getting a touch of sun (some got more than others). On the way home it was extremely convenient to drop into True South Brewery for a beer or two and something to eat.
Firstly the place and the brewery are awesome, they have dropped a bundle of cash on the joint. Beautiful shiny new brew house right on the beach, lovely bar right on the beach, and fantastic food (we had fat chips and scallops on the shell which I highly recommend).

Now to the beer. I’ve had their pale ale over the past months at Yarra Lounge. It has been getting less hoppy which I’m not a fan of, but to be fair I though it was more an IPA than a pale ale. It has progressively gotten less aggressive. Probably sell more beer that way but I think it’s a bad idea. Jacqui had the New World Pilsner, bright and crisp, all good but not a stand out. I like their beers but am not saying wow about them. Now on to the beer that I thought might do that – The Mint Ninja. That has to be an awesome beer right? What a name. Only one problem, no mint flavour. This beer has been talked up in the papers a bit so perhaps I was expecting more but I expected a mint flavour. Order a liquorice cheese cake you expect it to taste like liquorice right? Wont say I didn’t enjoy the beer but don’t go out of your way for it, especially if you are expecting breath freshing minty goodness. Or ninja flavour. I don’t know what ninja tastes like but after visiting a ninja village in Japan last year I believe that it would taste artificial.

Now to the last new beer, a Bead and Brau Red Ale. I don’t know much about these guys, from South Australia somewhere, but I do like this beer. A nice malty Red Ale (Irish Red??) in the ball park of a Mountain Goat Hightail Ale but I think perhaps better. If you can find this beer give it a go.
Well that’s it for the new beers in the past week or so. I also drank a bit of homebrew, having one right now actually. That’s about it for now. Go drink some new beer people, even if you don’t know what it is, or where it is or anything about it, just as long as it’s not from a big brewery. Or its low carb. Don’t drink that shit, its not good for you, you won’t loose weight by drinking it and it tastes like shit. If you really cant drink a normal beer have a shandy or a portegas. My Nana always has a portegas at Christmas, and here’s the recipe – 1/3 stout (home brewed if you have it) 2/3 lemonade.

That will do for now. I have tried to avoid spelling mistakes and typo’s in this blog entry but no doubt I have fucked that up. Let me know if you find one.

Oh and hamtopia should be over by now otherwise you might be in line for some serious food poisoning.

Cheers D

2 thoughts on “What new beers have I been trying?

  1. Kate says:

    Liquorice cheesecake? The fuck …

  2. Darren says:

    its an example Kate, if your so interested in it why not put the apron on and whip one up. Serve it with an Export Stout, or a glass of zambucha

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