How does my Witt stand up? and a tedious link to the Hoff

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Ok too many posts today, admittedly I wrote one earlier in the week and the other has been bouncing around in my head for a week or two. Ah Hamtopia, I love that I invented a holiday.
But now on to this blog, its not beer wars 2 just me seeing how my Wit, brewed some months ago stands up next to a commercial example, another beer from the Otway brewery, the Prickly Moses Wheat Beer. Now I didn’t actually buy this beer, it was a gift, and I didn’t know it was a Wit until I had one with my lunch today before heading off to the driving range to again prove that I am shit at golf. The beer was given to me by my cousin Jane, she crashed at the van for a night and had an interesting evening at the pub with us that involved her convincing one of the guys from Bondi Rescue (Hoppo?? I think he’s the one on the right in the photo??)to buy her a drink. Following that I ended up having a bit of a yarn to him and he showed me the photo on his phone of him with the Hoff. Now he may have been an old uber tanned guy wearing makeup but he had met the Hoff and that makes him OK with me. Still I’m glad he didn’t pick up my cousin, perhaps Jane wasn’t.

Anyway Jane gave me some Prickly Moses Wheat Beer so I’m doing a side by side with my Wit. To look at the beers they are nearly impossible to split (mine has the red dot) perhaps mine is effervescent? I think we used the same yeast (Wyeast Belgian Wit) and the beers are pretty similar in body, perhaps the Otway beer is a little softer on the pallet, maybe they didn’t forget to throw in the oats. Taste wise there is more coriander in mine, that makes it a little less OK to the general public but the VB drinking relatives seemed to like drinking it at Christmas so it cant be that to extreme. The recipe is in an older post of mine The Summe Wheat/Witt experiment . I think all in all I did ok with this beer, may have to brew some more for my little sisters wedding.
OK there you go, Prickly Moses Wheat Beer, a nice Belgian Witt thats not too overbearing and a recipe for something that has a little more spice punch in it. My guess would be if you want to brew a beer like the Prickly Moses Wheat, use my recipe with less corriander. I think I’ll stick with my coriander levels though for now.

3 posts in one day, thats a record for me. Enjoy peoples.

Cheers D

PS – Oh I’m back to work tomorrow so the posts in the comming weeks will be less happy 😦


2 thoughts on “How does my Witt stand up? and a tedious link to the Hoff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brew the misses' some. She likes Whit beers.

  2. Darren says:

    Whit or Witt, I', not really sure how to make a whitty beer other than add some snide remarks late in the boil. Anyway anonymous I have no idea who you are so delivery of said beer with whitty remarks would be dificult

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