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In the weeks that follow Christmas and Boxing Day falls a new holiday festival called Hamtopia. This is a time where people all across Australia celebrate the good thing that is what is left over of the Christmas ham.

Given that the celebration depends on how long the ham lasts after boxing day it is a non calendar bound holiday. A big ham, small person and a low number of diners on Christmas day can see it last for a few weeks. Big person (or big apetite) small ham and lots of diners and it may not even eventuate. That is a sad scenario.

A low quality ham can also see the festival of Hamtopia end shortly. If the ham goes green the fun is over. Quality can never be overlooked when selecting a ham. I recomend getting your ham from a good specialty butcher like Andrews Smallgoods in Yarraville. I count myself to be quite lucky to live just round the corner from teh best butcher in Melbourne.

A good friend has a standing Christmas wish of some time alone with the ham. For him to enjoy Hamtopia properly a big ham is needed.

You also need to be the owner, or master of the ham. If you visit someone else for christmas lunch you may not be in possession of a ham and therefore not able to take part in Hamtopia. That is also quite sad. Perhaps a benifit should be held to give hams to everyone so that they can enjoy the wonders of Hamtopia.

So what happens in Hamtopia. Basically you eat a lot of ham, inventing new ways to include ham in meals. Omeletes, fried rice, ham and eggs, ham and cheese sandwiches, ham on toast, ham on ham, ham mlik shakes, it goes on. As ham is a cure for most important conditions and ailments high levels of consumption of it can only be good for you right?

Andrew’s Ham and my Witt with wheat from the farm

Ham is also a good accompanyment for beer. Something not overly sweet is my preference, which points me at both the German and Belgium Wheat beers, the above photo is the christmas ham at my floks place with a glace of my wit in front of it. Nice beer, nice ham. With their spicy notes they are also savory offer a fine pairing with what ever you chose to eat your ham. Except for the ham milkshaks perhaps, have that with a bucket next to you.
Hamtopia ends when your ham runs out. No you cant just buy another ham and continue Hamtopia all year, alas it comes but once a year.
Happy Hamtopia to you if your ham is still going.

Cheers D


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