Beach entry 7/1 – Beer Wars – Stone & Wood Draught Ale V’s Prickly Moses Otway Ale.

Tina TurnerCover of Tina Turner

I penned this one down at the beach last week, wish I was still there.

I’m down at Lorne right now and as the wind picked up a little to much to make reading on the beach all that awesome I decided to head back to the caravan for a beer and decided why not put this beer to use and create beer wars – kinda like thunder dome but without Mel G and Tina T, or the pig shit and dodgey cars, 2 go in 1 comes out.

I already had some Stone & Wool in the esky so I grabbed some Prickly Moses Otway Ale from the supermarket. This is the most local beer as far as I know, and in line with the book I’m reading, “the omnivores dilemma” I thought I’d keep the beer miles down, or something like that. The book is actually quite good but pretty fucking depressing, apparently corn is an American Evil, or something like that. As for the Otway beer I have also had a beer or 2 (ok more) with Hendo, a new brewer there. Good man with his head screwed on right in relation to beer.

Now to the beers. Firstly I need to declare that Stone & Wood Draught Ale (apparently to be renamed Pacific Ale) is a favourite of mine for this summer. It is light, dry and easy drinking yet has a wonderful fruity finish that is all about passionfruit. It reminds me of a pavalova with passion fruit. This is an excellent summer beer, all about fruity floral hops that could lead you to call this a sweet beer. Its not, fruity is not sweet!

Now on to the Prickly Moses Otway Ale. I figured it was the best comparison but in hindsight the summer ale may have been a better choice. I’ve had both before and was never really overwhelmed by the summer ale. It just didn’t give me anything to go wow over. The 6 pack holder almost let me down before I even got it to the till, not the fault of the brewer but almost disaster (I hate spilling beer) and one of the stubbies has no label (Hendo???) No stress here as I am needing some clean bottles for some beer for my sisters wedding in April. But enough of the presentation, on to the beer. This beer is not at all a thing to compare to the Stone & Wood, it is more of an English pale, dominated by a firm bitterness and strong crystal/caramel notes from the malt. The malt bill definitely sits front and foremost for me on this beer. I think this beer would better suit the cooler months.

So that is about how I split them, Stone & Wood Draught Ale is my preference but it is summer. Same trial same place in June, I think the Prickly Moses Otway Ale would hit the spot a little better.

But that’s it for beer wars 1. Stone and Wood Draught Ale wins. Hendo thanks for the bottle with no lable, saved me peeling that one off.

Cheers D


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