Harvest Saison Preparations

Harvest of Wheat via combineImage via Wikipedia

Just a quick one today folks, and probably the last post for my humble blog for the year. I am in planning and preparation phase for my harvest saison. The rain has so far played havock with any plans in thie regard.
The first step to any harvest saison is to harvest the wheat. That cant happen till we harvest the barley though. So today I’m off to the folks farm to fill in for Dad as he has to go to a family wedding at Robinvale/Mildura (ceremony and reception). I passed on my invitation and the heat/mozzies/locusts/long drive so Dad could go and not hold up the harvest. He will still have the shits at going but at least the wheels will keep turning.

So my saison will be more or less 40-50 % pale ale malt, and the rest a split of malted and unmalted wheat. No specialty malt except for some roast barley perhaps. Oh but I do have some acid malt (in the freezer as it had some saw bugs in it) and some abbey malt that I won at ANHC. So perhaps the first one will be some abbey malt in there as well?? Hopps will most likley be a clean out of the freezer, I have some haleatau, magnum, millenium, EKG, and a bunch of US citrusy hops that really need using. The only hop I may buy extra will be some Pearl. As for the yeast its still sitting under some beer.

So once step – 1, harvest the wheat is complete I will advance to step 2 – make the beer, step – 3 place the beer in old farmhouse and leave alone till done.

I’ll post some stuff on Xmas and the two different Bridge Road Saisons when I’ve got a little more time. Off to play farmers now, it will be just like McLeouds Daughters, except for no FMD in the organic alpacas, sheep needing to be shorn at night or large numbers if innapropriatley dressed hot chicks. Bugger.

Cheers D

PS – Have a safe NYE


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