Christmas Drinks

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Well the year is over, thank fuck. Ok not quite over but I never have to go to work again in 2010, Ah that’s good. So to end my last work day for the year I had a few beers with the boys (all uninspiring beers) at the Mitre, and thankfully (unlike last Thursday) was not in the hunt for being the drunkest man there.

Last Thursday was my work xmas party and according to Duff HR should have either sacked me or promoted me for my efforts. Not pretty. Woke up with boots, tv and lights all on. No hangover though.

Anyway to my Christmas beer recommendation. We are in Australia and need to disregard the beer recommendations that the res t of the world make for this time of year. We do stick with the turkey and ham, but there is often a plate of prawns and a mango salad sitting next to them. And it could be 40 deg C.

Fat hot spicy beers are not the flavour of the day for Aussie Xmas so here are my recommendations;

  1. any saison – temple, DuPont, bridge road. this us my thing for now, drink it bitches (yea I’m such a rebel i’m not using capitals), light effervescent, and tasty. This beer is the Xmas no.1 for Australia. This is 100
  2. Belgian Triple – Westmalle is my preferred beer. This one will cut through you’re turkey
  3. Any beer by Cantillion, this is an after lunch beer, sours cut through the heavy lunch and hit reset on Xmas.
  4. a hoppy Bohemian pillsner like the Red Hill one, crisp, clean and a beer that even Dad will like. Works every day but is one that you should save for an occasion like Xmas.
  5. a light beer of any brand with you’re uncle. Hey if he brings it to Xmas you have to have one with him – he is family.
  6. Pale ales galore. easy to drink and depending on what you have good to suit the pallets of most people.

Anyway there are some tips, unless you are a hard core beer nerd give the Christmas beers a miss. They will just confuse you, put them on the shelf till June.

Apart from that just be a nice person, I think everyone fails to do that far to often. Choices are always there, chose nice.

Later dudes, am a little drunk here but in the xmass spirit,

Cheers D


5 thoughts on “Christmas Drinks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merry Xmas Mate.I'll have a Bridge Road Saison just for you…ok I'll have one for me also. Thanks for the Blog of 2010, and I look forward to the blogs of 2011…'2011' has a nice ring to it doesn't it. MERRY XMAS

  2. Darren says:

    had a bridge rd saison myself Stu (yes I know its you) and I also have a bottle of their versine with elderberry and bluberries in it. No idea how that one will taste.As for 2011 having a ring I have no idea what you are on about but I will attempt to keep the blogs comming at least until I get bored

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had the new Saison with the elderberry and the blueberries. Katie was not a fan at all. Me, well its not as good as the original Saison but I didn't mind it. In the spirit of farmhouse beer I think its about right – but it could be a bit fancy.

  4. Darren says:

    Damn it stu, sign in, put your name to this stuff. Anyway just had that beer myself, kinda tasted like beer with cordial.I think the fruit stuff ruined the things I like in the riginal, but thats just my oppinion. Oh its verry un farmhouse too, stripped some barley today that will be very farmhouse

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why sign…I prefer it this way…

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