Messages to Mark Dapin and the guy next door who loves black socks

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This is shouting out to the void with messages that will help people that I’m not really sure how to speak to.

To Mark Dapin.

Please change your photo in the Age Good Weekend magazine. Your old photo left you as the guy who got drunk a lot, used to edit Ralph and generally was a good bloke to have a beer with. Your new photo is just creepy. Not sure what you look like. Perhaps an actor from an unwelcome christian youth theatre group a primary school. Perhaps a have you seen photo from crime stoppers (not for a really bad crime). Perhaps a guy at the Vic Roads office that takes the photos for you’re licence. Anyway I don’t like your photo, it makes the article less enjoyable to read. Tell your editor that it must be fixed immediately, even if it makes you look 4 inches tall.

Please fix this and get back to me. I will leave a message on your blog. So actually I do know how to communicate with you its just clumsy.

Next the Guy next door. I know you like black socks. From your close line I can see you have at lease 20 pairs. That’s weird but fair enough. You also wear those shoes with toes in them. That’s not OK. However you are I am sure a good bloke (like Mark Dapin used to be) and I noticed yesterday that you are now making home brew. This I could see from the 3 fermentors that you were washing out, and the 6 milk crates of long necks that were sitting in you’re back yard. I have no idea how good or bad your home brew is but I’d like to help you, or at least talk brewing. Is it wrong to yell out of the 2nd floor next door window “yo dude, I home brew too. Want to talk brewing?” I think it might be but would still like to help the dude. Shame I cant be like the home brew fairy and sneak in and fix his beer without him knowing. That way he could keep on  wearing toe shoes and think that his beer was good.

Anyway that’s my thoughts for now.

Oh and my saison is fermenting at about 27 deg C. That’s the way I roll.

Cheers D

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2 thoughts on “Messages to Mark Dapin and the guy next door who loves black socks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here's an idea. Instead of being a geek and just blogging about his socks, his shoes and his beer how about you come out of the closet and go invite him on a date. You seem to be stalking him already so see how it goes.

  2. Darren says:

    that is an excellent idea

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