The Portland and a Sunday Session

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Its Sunday night, I’ve had a couple of beers and the Whitlams are doing a set with an orchestra on ABC. time for a proper blog entry rather than my short dull posts. Still Hi to the guy in South Korea.

Friday night I found myself having a couple of beers at the Portland with Dave. The Portland is a good pub, one of the Jamse Squires brewhouse franchise things, the only one left in Melbourne (I think) now that the one in docklands (which was a great pub, just so fucking far from everywhere). Anyway its near work and even closer to Dave’s office. As far as I can tell they print money in Dave’s office, not really sure though.

Anyway to the beers. I’ve always liked the James Squires beers, always like the Golden and the Amber on tap, big fan of the Porter, and the IPA was one of my gateway beers. I remember buying one from the Coles in Warrnambool and thinking – that’s bitter and tasty and different. I need another.

So I had a couple and as usual looked for something different. The barman had no idea of what they had on offer. I asked about the hand pump, nothing on it. So what do they have that they brewed there? Try the Highwayman they suggest. Ok for the first sip I think now we are in business. A decent dose of citrus hops, at a guess Amarillo. But then the weight of the beer kicks in. Under attenuated to buggery it was like drinking golden syrup with bricks in it. I hate beers that you cant have 2 pints of. The New Beer Rules from Stan H’s website (search for it) say you cant pass judgement on a beer till you’ve had 2 pints. By his rules I cant pass judgement on this beer. but I wont be buying it again.

I don’t know what the constraints of that brew setup are, and I’ve had similar beers in Melbourne – one pint of IPA from mountain goat, at the brewery no less sticks in my mind, hard work, but please let the yeast finish off your beers!

I will still drink their beers but those under attenuated beers are just killers on your drinking session. And not very good. Please craft brewers fix this.

So I’ll skip the rest of my dull weekend to this afternoons session at the Mona Castle with Gerry and Jugga. Just a few cold pots of Carlton at a bogan pub in Seddon. The kicker was that under the screens that usually show the progress of the worlds racing horses and dogs sat a man with a guitar playing a few songs. And he was pretty good. So was his son. Turns out he was one of the Little River Bands lead singers (don’t know how many they had) his name was someone Wade? Mid set his son got up and did his first gig in a pub solo. Dad was on the video camera, proud as buggery and the kid was pretty good.

Anyway I’m having a pint, Tim from the Whitlams is good as ever and I think that is about it for now. If you want to try a new beer try a Stone and Wood Draught Ale. Nice beer (but oddly named as it is not on draught in the bottle) with a floral hop flavour that reminds me of a Pavlova covered in passion fruit. I know it doesn’t sound right but the beer tastes pretty good. Drink one.

Not a bad weekend, just not long enough.

Cheers D

PS – The articles below are as random as always

2 thoughts on “The Portland and a Sunday Session

  1. Kate says:

    The James Squire Sundowner is pretty good – they just brought it back after a limited release last summer. (Yes I know I am not a beer nerd like you, and you are probably anti-larger, but I still like it quite a lot.)Agreed – Dapin's new photo is creepy. Makes him look like that guy who does Baldrick on Black Adder.

  2. Darren says:

    yep the sundowner is not a bad beer, and no I am not anti lager, just anti bad beer. As for Dapin perhaps he is Baldrick?

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