Saison to Sunday

I had a fairly big weekend, hence no feeling all that inspired to work today. Started with a saison on Thursday and ended on Sunday with a Bourbon with a twist and a bad TV movie, something about magicians with Hugh Jackman.

Thursday – should I have a beer or go to the gym? Things were in train for a beer but they all kind of fell apart. No stress the gym would do me good. Then things came back together, OK then, just one or two beers at Biero with Jugga.

We did have just one beer each at Biero where they specialise in good beer at fixed prices, $5 pots, $10 pints and on Wednesdays point’s are $5. That is value for money, or beer. Anyway my one beer here was a Bridge Road Saison. Really good beer and there is just something about saisons and summer that go together. Although I haven’t brewed for a while the next batch will be a saison, the only beer to brew when the temperature hits the 30’s. I think Jugga had an IPA. All the beers there are safe bets for good quality anyway.

So then on for a few more at the Railway in Nth Melbourne. A seedy old man bar. Just a few more. Nik rocked up as we were well overdue to talk important beer stuff. All top secret etc. With him came some of his mates who helped the night get more and more interesting as it went. We all talked shit, drank beer and it got to about 9. Jugga bailed and I really should have gone with him, but no, on to the Courthouse in Nth Melbourne also. Switch to rums, more bad ideas and I got to find out what it meant if someone said they were looking forward to doing their next suspension. Just think fishhooks and why?

When I finally got home I knew Friday morning wouldn’t be fun. 8AM teleconference.

Friday – teleconference – bla. Office Bla. Burger and coke for lunch. Better. Pint with some poms watching Australia’s woeful performance int he cricket. Ble. Off to an industry work dinner thing all suited up. Nice people free booze all good. Well except for the music. It turns out that I do not like classically trained musicians. When they do that singing thing where they kind of hold a note but it bounces up and down (warbling isn’t the right word for it but it kinda fits) it is how I imagine a sound weapon sounding. Kind of how they kill the aliens in Mars Attacks. Anyway good night out with not too much work talked and we got a cab without too much stress, something that seems to get harder the closer you get to Xmas.

Saturday – didn’t wake up hungover. That’s good I thought as I was really expecting to be at least 60% hungover. It was however quite hot. As I was going to the Albert Park Polo (I think it had some fancy name related to a pearl company but that’s not important) being hot was both a good thing (shorter skirts) and a bad thing (I’d get to hot). I’ve been to the polo at Albert park before and I have to say that it was better last year. Last year however I was drinking with Crackas and got completely shit faced. Doing that this year was made more difficult by he dud bar staff whom I think none of had ever poured a beer or glass of bubbly. As a result there were a lot of hot punters standing 5 deep at the bar. There were plenty of short skirts to keep you distracted though and something called “chair arse”. Chair arse is when a girl in a short skirt sits on a wicker chair and gets the pattern imprinted into the backs of her legs. Looks really hot.
Players compete for the ball during the Paspaley Polo in the City event held at Albert Park on December 4, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.
The main draw card for the polo was some guy called Nacho. He was crap and fell off his horse. To be totally honest I’m not really into polo. The best thing about Nacho was that you could sing the Homer Simpson song “nacho – nacho man, I wanna be a nacho man……. Drinking beer in the sun is OK though. So is chair arse.

We retired from the polo to the Middle Park Hotel in way better form than the same time last year.Jason did not run away, I didn’t pick up at the bar, no one was thrown out or ended up at the strippers. We did however form the motor boat club and Jane is the president. For a reference to what the motor boat club does check the urban dictionary for the the definition. There was a vote and proper meeting procedure was followed.

I ended up back in Yarraville with Jugga and Nes at the Blarney. Jugga lost a bet, I met a guy who was having a beer with his brother who had just gotten out of jail (no I didn’t ask what he was in for).

Sunday – power tools being used at 8AM down stairs. Is only slightly worse than the opera singers. Hungover but no headache. Had lunch, purchased a hat, watched the facebook movie (really good) ate some duck, a Bourbon with a twist and a bad TV movie, something about magicians with Hugh Jackman. Hang on I’ve already written that.

Oh that’s it. But back to the Bridge Rd Saison. I like saisons, pale blond refreshing beers with a hint of farmhouse skank. For a fairly simple beer they have a real complexity and depth that the yeast adds in spice and earthiness. The Bridge Rd Version sits in their Chevalier range, comes in fancy bottles, tastes pretty good. I’d perhaps like it to be a little drier and a touch more funky but do yourself a favor and grab one. It’ll go well with turkey at Xmas lunch. Or just drink one before starting a 3 day mini bender.

Cheers D

PS check out the article on robot beer pouring – need them for next years polo


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